How to Wear: Women’s Everyday Wear

The feminine suit is part of the life of those who need to work with social clothing every day, but today it became a fashion option to walk! In 2017 collections of brands such as Balmain and Balenciaga, he gained prominence and came conquering also with it girls looks. And although the term is not the most correct, since the “original” suit is composed of three pieces, including the vest, today it is already popularly known to call so the only set of jacket and social pants in the same color and fabric. Continue reading  

6 Tips To Keep Your Suits And Blazers

How money does not grow on tree and no one thinks it’s funny when you find out your favorite suit or jacket ideal for the ballad is useless for some reason, below are some simple tips to keep your best costume:

1-The finest wool, although fresh and comfortable, wears out faster and gets old faster, so avoid carry or pass the steamer all the time to remove stains of a suit made with this material, when using a costume so be care; Continue reading  

Business Outfit: V-Neck Sweater with Pencil Skirt

Hooray! The new year is here! I welcome you very warmly back on my blog! After the many celebrations and cozy hours I am looking forward, to roll up their sleeves and to overthrow me, made me at the turn of the year in the implementation of projects. It’s not the worst, to adapt fashionable again to work everyday . Continue reading  

Women’s Fashion Leather Jacket

Matter what time of the history are not considered, the beautiful half of humanity has always wanted to look beautiful and stylish… and it should be noted that being able to even before that is possible in our time. No wonder, therefore, that these common clothes like jackets by incip p always occupied an important place in the wardrobes of fashion, hitting us with their diversity and elegance, leather jackets women-a subject of great interest and contemporary fashion designers.

Undoubtedly, where a woman pointing things out of leather dressed on her, always relevant, always universal, always the way! And discuss such a popular form of clothing-a topic that is interesting to clarify the due attention of the lovely ladies how to make the desired purchase? What can you wear it in your closet for a long time remained the number one thing?

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How to Match Your Jacket

Many women, and men often wonder about what to wear jackets. Considering that the jacket is a man’s garment, to answer this question is not so simple. We should try to look at it is really attractive and feminine. However, each of the co-remennite women, this object is located in the closet.

So, what to wear jackets? Fashion trends change constantly and jackets worn with pants and skirts and jeans, and shorts, and so on. When selecting this item of clothing (on principle, like any other), it is important to consider some tricks.

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Wedding Guest Outfits Trouser Suits

In a ceremony to look, if the dress ensures the glamor, the pants are not left to concoct a feminine outfit.

In addition, all women do not like to show their legs, others suffer from painful friction in the crotch while some will feel good simply in trousers.


Femininity Is Above All An Attitude

You probably remember Marlene Dietrich and costumes! Was she not yet ultra glamorous and dressed?

Our Favorite Heart Pants For a Wedding

We will prove to you that in 2016 and even round, one can easily slip trousers for a wedding and have the look!

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The Basics of Professional Style

Know what are the key pieces of clothing in who should invest? A good professional wardrobe does not mean having a large quantity of pieces in the closet, but have the right outfit for every occasion, taking into account your age, lifestyle, body type and the profession. Continue reading