What We Do with Children and Screens? This Is What The Experts Say

It is Thursday night, is approaching the end of the week, everyone is tired, rain (or has done lot of heat) and children have not been able to go out, so they are already two hours playing with the tablet. In other words, it is the time of day when you feel every modern parent guilty. Continue reading  

Devices and Bikes Smarts that Have Made Success in Crowdfunding

Intelligent bicycles and cycling devices are among the many successful products on the Internet, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Among the highlights of the category, it is possible to find a bike that can be folded, another that balances without wheels, among several others. Continue reading  

Asus Brings New Version of 7-Inch Tablet

Memopad HD7 has four processor cores and 7-inch screen; The company also announced new models of ultrabooks

The Asus has launched this Tuesday (8) a new version of the tablet MemoPad, with price of R $799. The product, which is the bet of the company to the low-cost segment, has four-core processor, 7-inch screen with IPS technology and HD resolution and two cameras, one back with a resolution of 5 megapixels. In addition to the tablet, Asus also announced new models of ultrabooks. Continue reading  

Google’s Tablet 7 Inch Comes to Brazil By

Product is sold in the United States at a price equivalent to about R $400

The Nexus 7 tablet, developed by Google and manufactured by Asus, went on sale this Thursday (24) in Brazil. The site of Magazine Luiza is the only one among the big retailers, offering the product, in the version of 16 GB, with price of R $1,299. Sought by the iG, the Asus and Google does not comment on the arrival of the product to the Country. Continue reading  

Galaxy Tab 7 vs Galaxy Tab 7.7

In spite of the disputes between Samsung and Apple, back on the substance of what was again presented at IFA in Berlin and not to the events in court, so Luckily we live in Germany. Which does not mean “thank goodness we live in Italy”. But that’s another matter, what interests us now is the most natural comparison that there is—the one between the new Galaxy Tab 7.7 and his illustrious ancestor.

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Apple iPad WiFi

Beginning to be difficult to extricate the world of Android tablets, so the selection of models and upcoming venturi was wide, and the poor buyer may feel disorientated in deciding among many similar devices. In these cases a useful instrument of discernment can be some nice benchmark.

We see then how did they perform the WiFi version of the Apple iPad (don’t we have reason to believe that the addition of the phone module ne would alter in any way the results, the remainder being of identical hardware) struggling with some known benchmark (Tegra 2 CPU, GeForce, with Honeycomb):

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Best Android Tablet Accessories

We have taken tablet accessories in the test and include TV-equipment, chargers and headphones under the magnifying glass. In the following article we will show you how best to extend your iPad or Android tablet.

Have something extra, that can make an amazing all-rounder tablets: accessories such as Chargers, headsets and TV equipment. We the Favorites of the PC Magazine editors introduce – useful as well as quirky products that give new skills your tablet. Continue reading  

Comparison Between Smartphone and Tablet

Opportunities: Android and google put apple and IOS out of the race!

Apple creates and sells phones and tablets very well designed, of high technical quality, but in is kept to in lock use:

-Cannot connect a USB stick or hard drive to an apple device. It is unimaginable, but it’s so. When you leave with your device, it is imperative that it contains in its memory all you need. If you travel a week and you want to carry a movie by evening, a 16 GB ipad won’t allow that difficult if you have loaded applications and a few songs. Indeed, 16 GB, it is little. So, you will have to juggle to find the space. Most android devices allow to connect a usb key or an external hard drive. No worries for all your documents, movies, songs with you… If a friend or colleague you provide you with a file, you will have no difficulty with android. Simply a usb key.

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Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphone and Tablet are complementary: the first, always at disposal will make you thousand services. The second brings you a bigger screen, and a superior comfort of use, if you have it with you. If you don’t have any mobile device, we advise you to buy a smartphone, and we bet you will use it a lot more than a Tablet for the simple reason that you will always have it in your pocket.

When the choice between 10-inch Tablet and Tablet 7 inch, two arguments will help you decide:

-Size: Tablet 7 inch will be more easily transportable, while bringing a good reading comfort.

-Price: a shelf 10 inches is more expensive… but it is larger would have said of stating the obvious.

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Moto Smartphone by Lenovo: Lenovo K5 Vibe

Best known for its computers and tablets, Lenovo also sells smartphones and took advantage of MWC 2016 to present its first line to Europe. Discover the features of Vibe K5 and its Plus version!

  1. A classic but elegant design
  2. HD screen resolution or Full HD
  3. Focusing more on its smartphones as photo
  4. Acceptable technical features and good battery life
  5. A dated OS but effective
  6. Price and release date

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Sony S1 and S2 Tablets

Sony Tablet. Simple but effective. This is the name chosen by the Japanese company for its line of Android tablets, a field in which he ventures without the usual assonance with Ericsson. The models in question, as you already know, there are two, and in this case the Sony were somewhat stingy of phonemes: S1, S2 9.4 inch tablet and clamshell, dual-screen device by 5.5 inches.

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Surface Phone Release Date

For fans of the mobile operating system, the Surface Phone wishes of Arles, we talk a lot, but we never see it. New rumors its release date for 2017.

Windows Phone has been conspicuously absent from the Build 2016 , Microsoft’s conference for developers. One smartphone with Windows 10 was used during the introductory lecture, the rest of the demonstrations have been conducted on mobile with iOS or Android. For supporters of the thesis of the death of the mobile operating system , this oversight is evidence demonstrating the abandonment of the platform by the publisher. But Terry Myerson, Windows chief, wanted to reassure fans of the OS.

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Signature Luxury Watches Tag Heuer also Wants His Smartwatch

The presentation of the Apple Watch is the touch of necessary care to seriously rethink the smartwatch

Apple’s entry into the world of the smartwatch was the wake-up call they needed many companies to seriously rethink this new technology category. Previously occurred with mobile phones and conventional manufacturers, none believed that the iPhone could become a serious rival expel them so comfortable that position they occupied in the market. And finally it happened.

Now, with the lesson learned, many traditional watchmakers do not want to see its market share reduced by the incursion of technology into the world of watch companies. Only one week after the presentation of Apple Watch, the CEO of Tag Heuer has spoken with a Swiss newspaper about his own plans for the creation of a smartwatch and how this will have nothing to do with the device presented by Apple.

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How to Use a USB Memory Device With Your Phone or Tablet

Want to watch videos on your phone or tablet without losing storage space? Or you want to open a file contained in the USB device? Most modern Android devices support standard USB sticks, so you can plug in a flash drive just as you would connect it to your computer.

Modern versions of Android have been improved in terms of support for external storage devices, but some older phones and tablets this process may require Ruthven. We’ll explain both methods, starting with the easier.

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