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That woman is not crazy about lingerie? As well as shoes and handbags, panties and bras also occupy the female head with thousands of options. I couldn’t even be different, the lingerie is the first piece of clothing we choose when we get dressed. And believe me, even at that time hits that doubt:which to use? Comfort, attitude, sensuality. … the same set can communicate all of this and more! Continue reading  

Large Summer Lingerie Trends: Our Selection

Summer is fast approaching, it’s time to put away her winter lingerie. After the burgundy and the other trendy colors that have set the rhythm of the great cold, now places the colors vitamin and energetic. As every year and in real expert fashion we are, we must   to know lingerie trends of summer 2014.

This year there is something for all tastes, between classics revisited and new dares we find all our happiness. Lemon Curve goes through the lingerie trends of the season: what style will you crack? Continue reading  

Underwear: The Secret Is in the Materials

Choosing underwear is a often neglected task, and when we speak in male underwear even more. However, if you think about it, underwear is the first piece to be dressed in the morning and the last to be stripped, and so we cannot forget your comfort. It must be like a second skin! To think of this, we leave here some helpful advice at the time of choosing this type of clothing, namely at the level of choosing the appropriate materials. Continue reading  

Types of Underwear:Find the Ideal Model for You

You know the styles of underwear? No? Because this is the first step to buy one that actually serve you.

The underwear is part of world history. Cavemen have used a piece of linen shaped like a triangle with strips at the edges. Today the modern man has thousands of styles and colors to your choice, but without losing your main function: to protect the male sexual organs. Whatever name you gave to your”buddy”! Choosing the right underwear will ensure his welfare. So it’s nice to have information on the purchase to our underwear every day. Continue reading  

Meet the Men by Underwear!

See the underwear that combines more with you!

Modern Man: is the kind of man who doesn’t like to sit still. The models boxers are preferred. This is the guy who needs comfort combined with the freedom of movement. An important detail of this group: the elastic loops are worked. Constantly on display, the underwear works as an extension of the clothes out. Continue reading  

Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

Those who follow the @fashionistando on Instagram knows that the last few weeks have been intense. We spent a few days in London, to cover another edition of London Fashion Week. And every time we’re in town, we take a moment to visit the Victoria&Albert Museum. That’s because the Museum-which is in itself amazing-always presents an exhibition dedicated exclusively to fashion. Continue reading  

Fashionable Underwear for Men

Beautiful laundry feel better one (s). After all, fashion is also below the belt. But now wide or tight boxer shorts, or yet the slip – the answer should be the carrier of his personal being make dependent on. Here decide to own preference.

But no matter what kind of laundry – fashionable should they then be. The women and our own ego will thank you. If man must download already the pants, he should finally cut a good figure here. Continue reading  

My Fashion Advice

My advice packing bags

A beach vacation is the time to relax and laze. So pack your bags pays no stress, helps a systematically structured Vacation cloakroom.

Finally again vacation time! Have you already planned your most beautiful days of the year and chosen for a relaxing beach holiday? Then think you certainly have, what clothes you want to take.By now, good planning is needed – especially if you have to limit your luggage. Quite often I stand in such moments before my suitcase and realize that I want to remember too much. High time, once systematically tackle the problem. If it is similar to you, try it out the following 7 steps to create your holiday wardrobe:

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Fashion Mistakes Ladies Make

At tight pants, wrong bra or wild Mustermix? We’ll tell you the 20 largest fashion sins, so that you are perfectly dressed from today!

Make tuck really thick ? how to identify the perfect bra? And how high heels must be to ensure that the legs look slim? We’ll tell you the 20 most important fashion sins in women, so you’ll never again have embarrassing fashion moments!


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Tips on Buying Underwear

«When you shop for lingerie, it is important to go in with an open mind. Dare to surprise yourself and the person you’re dressing up for.

-MyMuse team

Here are some thoughts you can have with you when you shop underwear:
Buy two pairs of panties for every bra. A bra can often be used more than once, while the panty is something you can change daily. Then you always have a matching underwear ace.

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Beautiful Bras for Small Breasts

This is the debate that is burning on social networks. The subject? A study demonstrating that our breasts could do without a bra. A nice chest without support, we believe in it? Cosmo makes the point.

Since its invention, the bra does not leave the breasts of women. Real buddy, it provides support, comfort and femininity.

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