Want Cheap Men’s Watches? Look at this Men’s Watch Shop

Attention males on call, SENSE! The chat here is as follows: cheap mens watches. More specifically, great wrist watches for men. It is not easy to buy cheap and good watches. Even more great watches. Most of the  best brands of great watches cost a violent trifle . That’s why I decided to write this text. Today’s tip is for you to know where to buy  BIG WATCHES . I want to recommend / present to you  the OVERSIZED large timepieces store . Continue reading  

A First Look at the Upcoming Trends of the Year

The new year is now only a few days old and you should start to take a look at the latest trends that the watch world will have in store for us in the coming months. The big trade fairs will be in the coming weeks and then our warehouses will be filled again with topical goods and you will know what you have to do with it, I will give you a short outlook on the coming clock centers, because anticipation is the most beautiful Pleasure.

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Second Shot: Male Watches with Recycled Skateboards

Recycling not only helps with the conservation of our environment as can stir the imagination of designers all over the world, creating pieces with forms colors and unusual textures, as in the case of these Canadian-branded watches 2nd Shot, whose dials take advantage of wood shapes of skateboards that were discarded to offer a play with original and modern visual.

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How to Add Multiple Clocks with Different Time Zones

Did you know that your computer can add multiple clocks on the desktop and that they can show the schedules of the most varied places on the planet?Because all this is possible without having to change the main location of the operating system add-on.For this, all you have to do is add the clocks you want to see through some quick commands.

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What Should You Pay Attention when Replacing a Watch?

If your watch suddenly inaccurate goes or stays, it is in most cases not a defect, but a small round disc in the back of the watch case: the battery. After a certain time she will discharge itself and must be replaced by a new. But what to do if a battery change is? It is better to take the Watch to a professional or you can just perform the Exchange? The Jeweller provides guidance and counselor to, which can serve as the decision aid!

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The ‘Dream Watch 5’of Bethune

The display features the “Dream watch” and the “Dream watch 5.2” over a large Crown be set with einkaratigem stone cabochon-cut at 3 o’clock.

The “dream watch 5” resembles at first glance rather a rapid Spaceshuttel in a sophisticated high-gloss design as a clock. But can you read also the time futuristic re-creation of the Swiss high-tech manufacture of Bethune with the. A special feature is the display of the moon phase: already 1.112 Earth years must pass before it goes wrong one day. Continue reading  

Watch Talk-Wrist Time, Franks, Grail-& Exit Watch

If collectors watch talk…

Watch lovers give love and much of himself. If you look in German forums, there plenty of evidence for the (supposed) Word violence and illustrious creativity of watch enthusiasts find. Even the German Forum culture is something special…-but that is another issue. Today’s to go to the language and concepts, that use some watch enthusiasts, when they talk about their favourite objects.

To do this, I’ve listed some terms and their meaning-as they just invaded me:

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Original LED Watches

The clock is one of the supplements more important that we always carry over, not to say the more necessary. In recent years, this resurgence of a new trend in the field of watch making, is watches with led that show the hour with a great brightness through the diodes led which project the visible light to each one of the points that make up the digits.

But oddly enough, led technology as we know it, already began to have the first applications in the electronics industry during the 1960s, but it was not until the end of the 1970s where started the marketing of the first clocks that used led on your screen to display the time, so that we could consider it the return of a retro fashion. Continue reading  

Caring For Wrist Watch

An exclusive clock is a fantastic investment, whether you prefer mechanical/automatic movement or Quartz Movement. To protect this investment, you need to take care of your watch and care for it properly.

Use our tips to keep your watches in new condition.

Care advice

Do not expose the watch to extreme high or low temperature. Similarly, the watch is taken off by vigorous physical activity that can cause condensation in the clock which in turn can cause “water damage”. Direct contact with hair sprays, perfumes or detergents may damage your watch. Since most of us use their watch on a daily basis, we need to nurture them, so they need to keep their shine. The best way to clean a watch is to remove the tape first, even if the watch is waterproof. If you can’t remove the bracelet, try not to get larger amounts of water in or around the dial. Continue reading  

Swatch Watches

1983 launched their first Swatch watch and since then, the brand has become increasingly popular. Computers and other digital equipment may have been present, but the unique brand of the Swatch watches have created a series of technical and social innovations.

Design philosophy of the components is best described with the word “Simplicity”. Swatch watches proudly unveiled the world’s thinnest wristwatch that contains only fifty-one components unlike ninety or more found in most other subjects. This has been achieved without sacrificing precision and at the same time, increased reliability of the mechanism. Continue reading  

Bulova Watches At Unbeatable Prices

Bulova is the consummate American Bell brand. It was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova. His story is the true story of an American newcomer where hard work paid off; his small fledgling shop eventually grew into a global company. He has significantly contributed to the watch industry by inventing new tools for the manufacture of watches.

Bulova established in Flushing and Woodside, New York, where it continues to roll out innovative and pioneering new ideas in watch making. The company also produces elegant watches for men and women in gold or silver tones to satisfy everyone’s fashion sensibilities.

In the early 20th century, many European watch manufacturers reluctant to believe that wristwatch could replace the iconic Pocket Watch, then watch choice for everyday use. In 1919 introduced Joseph, with uppfinningsanda that defined his career, his first line of wristwatches. Continue reading  

What to Consider When Buying a Vintage Watch

Vintage watches are pure understatement and inspire in style with their typical, more or less patinated glow of bygone days. The purchase of a vintage watch is, however, associated with risks, since the buyer hardly has comparability and depends to a certain extent on the correctness of the data of the supplier. So what should be considered and which information should be obtained from the seller? In the following, we give a brief overview of the most important points to consider when buying a vintage watch, and why the purchase of a new watch is not always more expensive.For all those who are already in possession of an older watch, we recommend our magazine-post to handle especially vintage watches. Continue reading  

Hublot Fashion Show Meets Twelve Thirteen Jewelry

Hublot fashion show meets Twelve Thirteen Jewelry: The high class jewellery label twelve twelve jewelry invited during Berlin fashion week to a very special event! On the 17.01.2015 collection took place in The Pearl Club in Berlin the presentation of current jewellery city attitude, and many prominent guests spent this evening in the spirit of solidarity with the trendy jewelry label. Continue reading