5 Benefits Of Bottles Multi-Purpose And Ecological Nalgene

The Reusable Nalgene Bottles

In Nalgene we are committed to a healthy lifestyle in every way. We like to go outdoors, enjoy the nice weather, but also take care of us on the inside, keep us hydrated to give our best every day. Our water bottles have many features, but probably the most notable is that they are reusable. Continue reading  

Tips for Sleeping in a Sleeping Bag

1. Temperature of Use
Every sleeping bag listed “temperatures comfort” tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX) in accordance with European standard EN 13 537 from 11.04.2002 “temperature comfort” is the lower limit at which the user is lying relax in thermal equilibrium and it is neither hot nor cold (defined for the average woman under normal conditions of use). Choose your sleeping bag on this indicator.
2. What Are the “Border” Temperatures of Use?
Border temperature comfort: limit temperature at which the user is lying curled up in the sack is in thermal equilibrium and is neither warm nor cold (defined for the average man under normal conditions of use).

Ways to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

When you’re away from home and a small thirst begins to show his nose, it often ends up buying a drink in the adjacent shop. The problem is that in addition to being expensive and being wrapped in plastic or aluminum, this drink is often be very sweet (or containing products to avoid such as sweeteners or dyes artificial). Thirst as hunger walk: when thirsty and in front of a stall filled with sweet and colorful drinks, one is tempted to choose one of them, rather than a water bottle.

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The Bottles of New Generation

Even the bottles can become fashionable, the fashion business has invested even the little ones is not a mystery but at least this time it’s for something nice, but also very useful.

To feed small children is always a business that’s why usually the bottle only colorful and cute, but in recent years it has gone above and beyond and now a new mother can choose between many bottles adorable and with many features. Continue reading