TDC Business: Free Speech in Europe

TDC Business breathes to the price war, and launches new subscription with free speech in Europe.
To October TDC Business launches a new concept in their subscription packages for small and medium-sized enterprises.
The offer sounds on free speech in Europe to all Danish numbers, regardless of the country of sender and receiver are in the greatest choose package. do you get also free speech for all other numbers in the EUROPEAN UNION.
We put with our new mobile packs a whole new standard for the concept of free speech, and with that now applies the same rules whether you are staying in Denmark or in another EU country,” says Executive Vice President Jens Munch-Hansen from TDC Professions.
TDC has compiled figures from their customer base that shows that half of Danes with working mobile from a private company used their phone abroad in 2013.
There is no doubt that companies with a share business travel or calls from European countries will appreciate that the free speech now also applies when you are in Germany, Sweden, France, or a fourth of the EU countries,” says Jens Munch-Hansen.
Facts about the new subscriptions:

  • Free speech applies in addition to Denmark in the 30 EU/EEA countries
  • Mobile packages with free speech includes also free SMS
  • Some packages will also contain a portion of data for use in EU/EEA countries