Team Again with Apple Shares Today

You must keep the tongue straight into his mouth when one deals with shares, and it is probably a bad day to invest in Apple.
All are looking at Apple when they later today will take the hole on their presentation by among other things the iPhone 6, and so should we think that it is good for the business with all the attention. How to have the shares just not behaved previously.
Apple’s shares have actually fared poorly on the day that a new iPhone will be presented, so you may need to just pull in the reins, before you put savings on Apple shares.
Only by iPhone 5 Apple’s shares rose on the day on which the phone was unveiled, otherwise the shares were unchanged at iPhone 3GS ‘ præsentationsdag and falls of up to 2.8 percent on the days for the remaining models.
In fact, the picture is the same on the day when a new iPhone may be purchased, where it is only iPhone 4S and again the iPhone 3GS that have managed to generate a positive result on the shares. For all other models is the share has fallen by up to 2.2 percent.
We are of course ready with live coverage of Apple’s presentation of the next iPhone, and what else might Apple showing off at 19 tonight.