Technique to Make the Tabs Look Fake

Trick of mascara to make lashes look fake
Friends, if you want to show off a beautiful thick eyelashes you don’t need to apply false eyelashes, we know that not all have the facility to place them. Today I’ll show you a very simple technique to ensure that your lashes have a dazzling effect but does not believe it to have long eyelashes and with volume, it will make you look spectacular, so do not use makeup.
You will see that with practice you will be able to master this technique to make your eyelashes look false, follow these steps…
To make this technique you will need:
1 curling iron or curler of eyelashes
1 mask for eyelashes black
1 white mask for eyelashes
1 black mask lash waterproof
1 eyeliner pencil black-> give volume to your lashes: homemade here recipe
Technique to make the tabs look fake
Step n ° 1
First we are going to place the birth of the same Eyelash curler. Then we pressed and leave for a few seconds so that the lashes bend a little.
It is important that this curler does not use it everyday if you use it on a daily basis, you can break the hairs and prevent the birth of new tabs.
Step n ° 2
Then we will put a little black eyeliner on the upper inside of the eye. Thus, the birth of our eyelashes will begin to see more bushy.
Step n ° 3
Take the black mask for tabs and place it since the birth of the same upward. Leave to dry to move to the next step.
Step n ° 4
Take white mascara and comb your lashes also from birth. Then (and with the same brush) open tabs. So it seems that you have more quantity. Again wait until it is dry to move to the step n ° 5.
Step n ° 5
Then take the waterproof mascara and back comb lashes now heading upward (in first place) and then diagonally (at the Temple). Usually this type of mascara helps to make your lashes look more abundant.
If you wish you can put a little bit of mascara on the lashes of the lower part of the eye.
I don’t recommend it because, if you have a very long day of activities or have dark circles they mark more. But if you don’t have dark circles or are going to use concealer, you can do it, and it will also expand the size of your eyes.
Step n ° 6
Finally take back the eyeliner pencil and outlines (only on the birth of the tabs) from the external side.
-> long eyelashes with homemade mask: Click here
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