Testing an Android Tablet

The tablets are undoubtedly part of the generation of devices that have become a fever in the market. More practical than notebook and focused on connectivity, tablets have gained popularity since the launch of the iPad. It would not take long until Android, Google’s operating system, also be optimized for these devices with larger screen.

Testing an Android Tablet

Android Tablets

The Android operating system was first created for smartphones. As soon as the tablets turned out to be promising, Google immediately launched a tablet-specific version of Android. The first version of Android optimized for tablets was Honeycomb and, since its launch, has evolved a lot.

Android tablet review

For those who have used the iPad and also had good impressions as I had, you can see from the video that the competition will be great. I say this mainly because several electronic devices are launched almost daily with the Android operating system by different manufacturers. This results in several versions of the same Android as well as customizations to interesting applications for the platform. Meanwhile, the iPad is created and controlled by Apple, allowing a much lower degree of customization, and a limited experience for what Apple wants you to use.

The tablet shown in the video is the Motorola Xoom , one of the first tablets with Android, in use. Watch then tell in the comments what you think of Android 3.0.

Did you like the video? Do you have an iPad or a Motorola Xoom? Tell us in the comments what you think your tablet has the best! And if you want, also tell us what his faults are! We want to help other readers compare a tablet knowing full well the best option to choose!