The 3310 Nokia Do Not like Anybody Is Busting All Forecasts

The new Nokia 3310 is pure marketing, we agree, but can be the best marketing campaign of all this year 2017. At least in regard to mobile phones, of course. Without having submitted any revolutionary terminal, Nokia has been able to touch the heartstrings of the market and relaunch, with modifications, the iconic terminal that we all remember. The Nokia 3310.
Soon leave all critics of the movement of Nokia to explain their ideas about “bad” that is wanting to live nostalgia when we talk about technology, and to say that this 3310 is not the 3310 original, but which could have any other name. All that has not imported because the bomb was released, and yet to sell already has exploited. The Nokia 3310 is exceeding all expectations.

The Nokia searches come up as foam

According to Dom Joseph, an Executive of Captify, has confirmed that for the new Nokia 3310 there is interest by consumers “which is confirmed from our data, which show a large increase in the actual searches of the product. It shows users want to buy the product much before its release, “and that this purchase is conditioning even which operators will choose to do with it”.
A mobile 59 euros is doing that users have is to change operator, is insane
The movement that occurs when we intend to ask the last device that has come on the market, referring to high ranges of the iPhone, Galaxy S or LG G type, is also by producing a mobile phone which will cost 59 euro Once you are on sale. The effect also moved to the search engines, where the word Nokia has increased its popularity by 797 percent. Data, again, of Captify.
Movement of marketing or not, the truth is that Nokia has got what wanted. Noting that he has returned to step on the market, and that still has pull among users, both those of the old guard like that was incorporated after the Finnish giant had fallen. The Nokia brand is on the rise, and the 3310 can open many doors to the company.

And the 3310 with them

You just need to take a look at what happens in Europe, where the Nokia 3310 can already book in several countries at a price of 49 euros. The first of the authoritative voices to aware of the success of this “new Nokia that is not so new” has been Carphone Warehouse. The campaign of the 3310 reserves has been described from the UK distributor as “unprecedented”.
It must be remembered, however, that reserve an item that we want to buy does not mean that eventually we will get with it, it’s a mere formality to ensure the availability of a unit at the time of purchase. But the queue for bookings is as long as the new Nokia 3310 will last soon on sale until they begin reruns.
The Nokia 3310 is a success already before launch is on sale, and will be few nostalgic “dumb” phones without wearing one in the Pocket
HMD, who said that he had received so many requests on the 3310 which would be difficult to meet them all in time, already looking for way of doing this 3310 to reach United States. And it is that this new 3310 will have many flaws, not to be 100% original, or not having 3 G bands in many countries. But the heart Strip and much, and proof of this is that without leaving, the 3310 has already won the game. Are we facing the mobile phone of the year?