The Amazing Alex, The New Game from Rovio, Come The Month That Comes

Not everything these days will be speaking and 4.1 Android Google Nexus 7 Jelly Bean, so we are not going to neglect other information moving in the Android world. Today talk of Rovio, the company behind the well-known Angry Birds, which now aims to repeat success with its new The Amazing Alex.
The Finnish developer has seen with its franchise angry birds a success-based updates and unbeatable, and small improvements have kept users entertained. But you not only incomes live, so that Rovio is already preparing the landing on all major platforms their new game, which will be called, as we saw some time ago, The Amazing Alex mobile.
Little is known at the moment of the development of the game, although if they have transcended several details of the title, the first its release, to date come along next month just in time for the summer season.
Simple and colorful graphics, a type of highly addictive casual game and the recipe inherited from Angry Birds, with periodic and free updates, ensure the game many possibilities of repeat victory, both Android and other platforms.
In the development of Amazing Alex two Spaniards, Noel Llopis and Miguel Angel 9970cwm, creators are of Casey ’ s Contraptions, the game that gave origin to the idea then acquired by Rovio.
For the arrival of Amazing Alex we have included new graphics and new puzzles, but you can take a look to the video of the original game, probably help to see how will be the new version: