The Benefits Of BPA-Free Water Bottles

Nalgene BPA Free Bottles

One of the characteristics that we always speak in Nalgene is that our water bottles do not have BPA. Our drums are ecological, healthy, resistant, multipurpose and 100% without BPA.

What Is BPA?

The also known as Bisphenol A or Bisphenol A, BPA is a chemical that can be found in various kinds of plastic. Consumed in excess, it can be harmful to the human body. And although it is not an illegal substance, several researchers have shown their concern for their long-term effects on health, including those of the Department of health of the United States.
In Nalgene we have taken the decision to manufacture bottles without BPA, which enable individuals to be used constantly without risk to health. If you want more information about this topic, you can find it in our section of bottles BPA Free.

Benefits Of The Bottles Without BPA

These are the benefits of always take with you a BPA-free water bottle:

 Take care of the little ones of the House

Children need constant moisturizing. For this reason, Nalgene water bottles for kids, Grip N Gulp and OTF Kids, nor have BPA. Your health care and they can drink all you want and more without worrying about anything.

 You Can Reuse The Bottle Every Time You Want To

Good MultiUse bottles is that you them you can take anywhere and use them every time you want to. That Yes, remember wash it often. When finished the day, a little SOAP and warm water and can already be filled again with the drink that you want.

 Keeps Drinks And Food In Your Drum

Also remember that in your Nalgene you can save not only drinks but also food. Take advantage of the wide-mouth bottles and introduces nuts, pieces of fruit or reuses the drum at home to save rice or coffee. You know that when you wash it will not let anything smell inside and it will remain perfectly useful for a trip to the mountain.

 It Saves Money And Improves Your Health

1 year with a bottle green Nalgene 167 disposable bottles you’ve saved you.It calculates not only the environmental effect but the savings in your pocket. In addition, our drums multi-purpose are resistant, are made with Tritan and proof of bumps and drops. Try it yourself.

The Best Bottles Without BPA

Find Nalgene BPA free bottle that best fits you and your lifestyle. In Waterbottlesshop, we care about your health and want you carbohydrates in a healthy and safe way.