The Best Smartwatch for iOS

We have listed the payback that might be a better alternative for your devices iOS

The most obvious association is “iPhone then Apple Watch” – Apple clock like it, but it’s expensive. Fortunately there are alternatives – the Apple Watch isn’t the only smartwatch for getting along with your iPhone. There are a couple of smart watches compatible with iOS systems already available and others that will not be long in coming.
Now that the OS for smartwatch Android Wear is compatible with iOS operating systems, the audience of wearable widens even further, even if, for now, I’m not really all the same, but it’s a great start.
If you own an iPhone, but Apple Watch you don’t like, or just think that cost too much compared to its value, we have compiled this guide with a selection of the best alternatives to Apple Watch that will sync to your iPhone without even you knowing.

Best smartwatch for iPhone: Pebble Time

Nice, isn’t it? But why should you choose a smartwatch Pebble, instead of an Apple Watch? – the answers are two, price and battery life. There are approximately € 500 euros of difference between the clock of the Apple and the Pebble, a big difference – also Apple Watch battery can last about 24 hours, while that of the Android GPS smart watch comes up to a week of use.
Another good reason to take an interest in Pebble Time are its applications – the Pebble in fact has its own third-party app mobile Park as: Uber, TripAdvisor, Evernote, Paypal, RunKeeper, but also app for the weather, or the management of the battery. In addition to applications, the Pebble provides many watchfaces or clock faces which we can change at will by downloading them from the store of Pebble to customize the main screen of our clock – even the applications you download from the Pebble Store and defined is very similar to the App store though of course, supported applications will be less than that available for an Apple Watch. We must mention also the possibility to use voice control on Iphone with a smartwatch Pebble.
The Pebble payback? use an E-paper display, a screen then with an excellent performance even under full light, though obviously will not have the same screen brilliance of Apple Watch. The Pebble Time is one of the most classic versions of the smartwatch Pebble, but if we’re looking for something even more sophisticated, we can also take a look at the same Time, the steel Pebble Pebble Time Steel.

Best alternative to Apple Watch by features: Garmin VivoActive

For the sports, the Garmin Vivo Active offers almost the same workout and fitness characteristics of Apple Watch – Garmin watch in fact provides a GPS monitoring for running, cycling, golf and even swimming.
The Vivoactive also displays any push notification or message from iPhone and can add extra applications (other than the classic app) through the system Connect IQ. We chose the Garmin Vivoactive as first rival to Apple Watch for similarity of features like GPS, training and design. The rectangular display of VivoActive, square screen reminds of Apple Watch, even if its dimensions are smaller.
The Vivoactive battery with up to 10 hours, control the GPS 18 of Apple Watch – there is also to say though that the battery of the Vivoactive can last a week without GPS, against 72 hours of low consumption Apple clock.

Best for style and design: LG Urban Watch

Although it is soon to be released the new watch Local 2 LG Watch, the first watch of LG, remains the only Android smartwatch Wear, to be equipped with the new iOS app. Now that most operating system features Wear are also available for those who have a iPhone or iOS device, LG Urban Watch is one that integrates the best -whatever version you choose, the one in leather or steel.
We have included the clock of LG, as well as for functions, especially for the design and construction. We believe Smartwatch Pro style and elegance of this style can better adjust smartwatch iOS devices, rather than the square Apple Watch’s dial.

A smartwatch for iPhone: Basis Peak

Even the Basis Peak remember Apple Watch lines, although it is slightly bigger than the latter.Despite its size, the smartwatch Peak is waterproof up to 50 metres, (therefore also suitable to swimming) but also can measure the temperature of the skin and perspiration, which very few smartwatch can do. The rest has almost all the features of a smartwatch as distance, distance, calories and is also monitoring sleep.
The iOS is very simple and easy to use, and allows you to view the statistics, graphs of sleep and many other metrics and information. Surprising even the battery that lasts a whole week before running out – better than the Apple Watch.

A smartwatch for the iPhone: Conclusions

A smartwatch first is a naturally, but shortly after is an extension of your smartphone, in this case your iPhone – that’s why we wanted to write this guide. If we are owners of an iPhone, Apple Watch remains perhaps the best choice when it comes to smartwatch, at least for this Christmas. The reason is simple, the clock of the Apple integrates seamlessly with Apple’s smartphone, better than any other watch – ultimately was built for this.
This reasoning is however gross of high cost of Apple Watch and subjective considerations of style and design – the alternative to Apple Watch there are, are valid and we have just listed.