The Camping Trends For 2017

What’s in, what’s out on the area of camping? May have no effect on you trends in the area of camping and make especially that which you feel comfortable. You are absolutely right! So, no camper will buy if you much prefer to spend your holidays in a tent. But maybe you are but curious curious and learn you like, what is trendy in the camping? We provide make some trends for camping in 2017.

  1. Convenience on the campsite

Convenience is not a trend that is very new in 2017, but certainly still currently. The interest for inflatable tents for example has been very in this season and in the year 2017, the demand will increase further. You look at our showpiece, the 6 easy air can Obelink Miami in our shop and buy it there, but you will find this inflatable tent at our Web shop. The self inflatable mattresses are quite pleasant in itself, not new, but already very pleasant to use. Immediately fills with air and sleep wonderfully on it!

  1. A caravan, motorhome or tent share

This trend follows a larger societal trend, namely the ‘sharing economy’, share and share so. About car sharing we share cars, there are ways to share meals and the sharing of tools is not new. On the camping area you can share too much. A tent, caravan or a camper. To use your caravan, maybe up to three weeks during high season? Buy a caravan or a camper with your neighbors or friends and share the costs.

  1. More often and shorter make camping holiday

You know the feeling? You went camping over the weekend and return back fully recovered, again. Next year, we find more that people often travel to the campsites listed by Andyoutdoor, but that you are there shorter staying. You quickly recharge your battery before it can run.

  1. Thematic campsites

In the year 2017, there will be even more camping holidays, which were compiled on the basis of a theme. Fill the day then, except to recover, swimming, cycling and play games with a certain topic or experience. Think of a language course, Yoga Retreat, time course or drawing lessons or cooking workshops. In this way, you have the best of both worlds. You are on vacation, relax, but also gain new experience and practice your hobby. Because in the holiday you have at long last enough time!

  1. Basic camping

Glamping is in the trend for several years. Luxury camping, where you are provided with all conveniences. However, we see also a ‘backlash’ occur in the form of basic camping. So Camping with a basic equipment without the luxury with all possible bells and whistles. We now have a product that fits in well with this trend in our range. We already had the group tents or family tents. The Sahara models are very popular for years. The bordered we now have the Anevay frontier stove. This is a heater and stove in one. The flue pipe of the Anevay frontier stove is extra long, the noxious fumes out reject om. You can use the frontier stove outdoors.
6 Functional clothing and comfortable walking shoes
Sitting is supposed to be the new smoking, so come in motion. People care more about their health. In addition to healthy food, enough exercise is also very important. We feel that people do really good intentions. Functional clothing and comfortable walking shoes are much asked. And walking is good to walk, suitable for all ages!

  1. Digital Detox

Camping is splendid in the open air, time for each other have, don’t look at the clock and time not always accessible. I don’t know what you think, but I appreciate that time not 24 hours a day via Wi-Fi to be ‘available’. So get on the footboard of this trend, do with the digital Detox, take the time to prepare the food or long to cook and dine, to play games with your children and to read books. And not every second look on your cell phone because you want to Miss nothing. Spend the most precious time, but with your next?
The trend, which always remains and never passes, is ‘Enjoying the outdoors’. Something better does not exist, or? What is the trend in the area of camping and recreational activities in the year 2017 in your opinion?