The High Waist Bikini

Popularized in the 50s and 60s by Hollywood movie stars like Marylin Monroe and Grace Kelly, the high waist bikini returns with great pomp to sublimate the curves of women.A retro wind blows on the beaches and in the pools!

Vintage invites you into the water

Dita von Teese, emblematic figure of the burlesque, probably played its role in the return of the waist high pants: after years of bikini triangle, women again want sophistication, femininity and glamor.
Also called vintage bikini, retro or pin-up , the high waist swimsuit consists of a panties that climbs to the edge of the navel, or even above.At the top, the high waist panty is combined with a balcony bra,a headband or a bra for a sportswear side.

The high waist bikini, for what silhouette?

The new high waist swimsuits today have the advantage of being composed of a so-called shapewear material, to sheathe the belly and the hips.A flat stomach in a two-piece swimsuit is possible thanks to the return of vintage fashion!
If you were in the habit of hiding your curves in a one piece swimsuit , you will probably be delighted to reconnect with this sculpting bikini, which particularly fits women pulpy.If you are rather a twig, the high waist will have the advantage of further accentuating your wasp size, Audrey Hepburn way.
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