The Importance of Cultivating Outdoor Games

There are a lot of discussions about how technology is affecting the health and education of our children, through the use of digital games, video games, tablets, iPods, cell phones and any other type of electronic device.
Unfortunately an effect is clear: the sedentary lifestyle is already part of the reality of most kids today. The traditional games have lost much space for virtual world entertainment.
In this way, the small end uncreative and even discouraged trying other types of activities, moving away from the real world. So the importance of outdoor games and next to nature.
The current scenario indicates that we will have more and more children with health problems, like diabetes and high blood pressure, in addition to serious losses in relation to the ability of socialization, interaction with others, motor control and perception of the facts to your surroundings.
However, it is worth remembering that there’s always time to reverse a situation which needs to be changed and, in today’s post, we’ll talk about it. Follow us!

Which Favors The Sedentary Lifestyle

A factor that directly affects the freedom of children is the public safety. Many parents prefer to keep their children at home than take the risk of leaving them playing in the street. The feeling of insecurity of parents makes the children stay restricted to the dependencies of the building or condominium. The concern of these parents is understandable, however, we cannot deny that this influences negatively the growth of children, just at the time when they should be discovering the world.
The race, harsh life, lack of time, the traffic and the stress are also responsible for preventing parents spend time and play more with their children, promoting these differing experiences and fun.

Overcoming The Problem

Outdoor play is an activity accessible even to children who reside in large cities, since it is possible to find pieces of nature in several common places, as in the gardens of houses and schools, on playgrounds, in buildings and condominiums, as well as squares, parks, beaches, clubs and other public spaces. These spaces, surely, can be more exploited by families.
These spaces to the outdoors are ideal to run, ride a bicycle, swim, roll around and, especially, learning new things. Children will have contact with trees, flowers, animals, understand textures, smells and sensations—experiences that game any offers.
There are some groups who organize meetings in town squares or parks, on the weekends, as parties, full of kids and parents, in which everyone is sitting on the floor, sharing toys, listening to music and stories, which is a great opportunity to make new friends and above all learn. At the end, each collects her things and take the garbage home—itself a great exercise to raise awareness for the kids.
This coexistence is very important for the development of children. Is the basis for the formation of better citizens, who understand and respect the differences, the environment, they know and help the split they need.
It is essential that parents encourage and participate in the learning from experience, the experience, because that’s what makes a child safe and prepared to face the challenges of the future with confidence.
Don’t let your son grow up without knowing what are games like hide-and-seek, chop-flag, hopscotch, treasure hunt, statue and burned. You must make your part and ensure a healthier childhood and fun to small.
And you, encourage your children to play outdoors? Leave a comment and share your experiences with us!