The Knitwear Mixer: Tolerate What Dose of Chunky Knit?

The sweater season is started! And with it come the new knitted jumpers and sweaters on the market. While the designers this season have come up with really really thick Chunky knit sweaters:mega thick wool threads, gigantic cabled, bubble -, wafer and rib where the eye can see. To get striking patterns, patchwork look and oversize sweater. Because, I ask myself the question: chunky knit of virtually every woman is? And how thick should your ideal knit apply?
When I look in my closet, I notice that there mostly smooth knitted sweater with wool midweight are located. Is that coincidence? I don’t think so. Because knitting things have different volumes and textures. All of them are equally well not every woman. Both the character type, as well as your hair and skin texture and the body size with decide how much woolly surface structure and optical weight you can handle.
In this post you will learn whether fine knit, chunky knit, or anything in between the best suits you. To do this, I have developed a simple points system for you: the “knitwear Mixer” the fashion Whisperer. How to find exactly the right dose of chunky knit for your type.

How much wear knitwear? It shows a scale of 3 to 9 points.

Sweater, Cardigan or scarf – knitwear can have a greatly different optical weight. More optical weight has a piece of clothing made of wool, the more bears there. The following criteria are thereby key:

The thickness of the wool yarn:

Knitwear, which with a thick or knit more weave wool thread, are thicker and more compact. You have not only an actually larger volume, but also more Visual weight.

The knitting technique:

There are different types of knitting with which the surface of a sweater can be made. Are produced with a knit strong differences on the surface, creates a 3D effect. This is the case in about pimples -, wafer or cable patterns. Stocking St result in almost no surface elevation changes. Depending on the 3D effect by knitwear is greater, the more apply visually – actually logically. In addition the effect that such 3D-Muster with its structure and texture bring basically more optical restlessness in the outfit.

The colours and patterns:

As always in the fashion also applies to knitwear that darker colors have less optical weight than bold or bright colors according to Psyknowhow. And when knitted fabrics: A monochrome, small patterns carries less than a large, high-contrast pattern.
With these criteria I have compiled the first, small mixer for knitwear. This helps you to determine the Visual weight of a sweater, a sweater or a scarves with a simple points system. Put simply your knitting part in the corresponding categories to do so, as if move the slider on the arrows up or down on a mixing console. Then count the points scored together.


  • A dark, solid-coloured sweater, who was stocking St from a fine wool thread takes up the least and thus receives the minimum number of points 3. All three valves remain at level 1.
  • The same sweater would have a small, monochrome pattern (the third slide is then at level 2), he would have still have a relatively low optical weight with 4 points.
  • Would be the sweater instead worked in stocking St in a pattern with more elevation changes, for example in rib (the second slide is on level 2), an optical medium weight record would beat with 5 points.
  • This jumper even from a very thick wool yarn was knitted (the first slide is on level 3), the sweater and scored a total of 7 points and has already a fairly large optical weight.

All right?

The knitwear mixer: Skin, hair and body decide about your knitting type

Not every woman can wear chunky knit equally beneficial. On the contrary, there are many women who are much better with fine or medium knitted goods with less optical weight. That above all depends how much surface structure and texture you bring and what figurative requirements you have. The following factors are decisive:

Their skin:

Your complexion is smooth, fine and flawless, the less well this fits very coarse knitting. However, you have a skin that has a few wrinkles, bumps or hyper-pigmentation and thus already has a somewhat restless, Visual interface, chunky knit looks harmonious.

Her hair:

Hairs have a surface structure and optical weight. Hairs are, for example, very smooth and shiny, it concerns closely on the head or they are very short, they have less optical weight. The hair is blunt, wavy or even frizzy, solid and voluminous, or very long, they have a high optical weight. Keep in mind, also, if your hair are rather plain or Plait. Strong, contrasting strands have a high optical weight.

Their figure and body size:

Chunky knit wears on, the part of the body on which it is carried, should be more lean and less strongly built. The broader your shoulders, the larger your breasts and your upper body is stronger overall built, more negative a coarse knit sweater or a thick Cardigan works there. In addition, chunky knit takes more space and builds up more volume. Both are for very small women adversely. They should use chunky knit – if at all – only in very small doses.

How many tags you have in the main weight classes of knitting?

On the basis of these criteria, I have developed the second knitwear mixer. Select the criteria you apply to and see which of the three categories you’ve – made the most marks chunky knit, middle rope or fine knit. With a click on the image below the knitwear mixer as a pdf document is open. You can print it out and enter your tags.
Most women can pretty well take two of three optical knits weight classes. Your marks in all three categories are evenly distributed, a medium-sized wool strength is basically the best. You can schedule but smaller areas with more powerful or finer knitwear. I, for example, two markers in level 3, two markers in stage 1, the rest is in the middle range. And also my sweater – knit jacket and scarf coat looks exactly!

Another consideration: Whatever the occasion is chunky knit?

When deciding whether you should better invest in coarse or fine knit, yet another consideration plays an important role: want the occasion to wear your knitting part . For chunky knit is the right choice only for leisure and outdoor activities. Medium knitting can be used depending on the styling for the leisure as well as for professional opportunities, if the “Business Casual” dress code. Fine gauge can play a role even in elegant, formal occasions – as a warm CAP to the little black around or in the evening to the sequined skirt.

More tips and tricks for your outfits with knit sweater, Cardigan, shawl and co.

  • Basically a harmonious overall impression occurs when your natural surface structure roughly corresponds to the weight degree of knitted texture.
  • You can use knitwear as a contrast to your natural style. If particularly delicate, smooth essence to chunky knit, they accentuate their Elf type by the contrast. But: This is very hard really appealing to style. In the worst case, the supporting person is completely captured by the chunky knit… Therefore applies in this case: If you use knitting in contrast, make sure that you use substances at a different location in your outfit, that correspond to their optical weight type! For example, with smooth, fine silk, a delicate woman would combine chunky knit.
  • It all depends on the dose: If you want to wear that don’t necessarily fit their type, knitwear then make sure only in small doses to wear them – for example, just as a scarf, gloves or cuff.
  • You the same low optical weight from layers of fabric! If you have knitted fabrics that are too fine and smooth for your type, you add just one or two layers of fabric in the layered look to. Including a long blouse and a belt about it and already everything is back in order.
  • Make your hairstyle fits to the optical weight of your knitwear! You want to meet a coarsely knitted or strongly patterned sweater? Then, make your hair stringy, somewhat ver wuschelt, messy pinned up with Wattle or give more structure and volume of your hair in other ways. If feasible, you create a more harmonious effect in this way.

As always applies also here: wear only what you feel absolutely comfortable and what you like! Even if you are a delicate fairy, you may cuddle up in a coarse knit sweater in winter. And even if you have a stronger upper body, thick long cardigans for you are not strictly prohibited. If you scarf stand and think about whether you really need them in your wardrobe, but soon again before a beautiful knit sweater, a great Cardigan or a seductive you know now what to look for. And the tips will help you to use your existing knitting wardrobe still targeted and just type.
In this spirit, I wish you a cozy autumn time! And let me know whether the knitwear mixer of the fashion Whisperer could help you to locate your ideal type of knitting!