The Lingerie that Every Woman Needs to Have

What woman never went through the situation of choosing the perfect look and when it comes to lingerie, everything just does not work? Sometimes the work to find the right production goes downhill when we try the pieces and we realize that the bra or the panties do not work.
And to avoid those boring situations, we made a list of parts that every woman needs to have in the lingerie drawer. Come and have a look with us, invest in the ones that are still missing in your closet and always be prepared for any production! Come on?
For T-Shirts And Shirts
The bras for t-shirts are those that do not appear in thin blouses and light colors.Perfect for wearing with white shirts or light t-shirts, even for super thin silk blouses.This type of bra guarantees the support and is practically invisible in the look. To avoid the traditional beige, choose between shades of purple, red and gray – super works!
For blouses with V-neck or low-cut, the ideal bra is the one with the clasp at the front.Some girls do not like it as it does not bring both breasts together, giving the impression of less breast. But for a classy and stylish look, this bra is perfect – besides being great for the days you want to complement the neckline with a longer necklace.
Basic Suicide
Some girls simply do not want to have a basic black or white bra in the closet. But toooda woman needs to have at least one, even if he is not so sexy. They are ideal because they are our safety zone for those sweaters that mark when people least expect it.
Basic Take It Falling
A bra that will take that basic fall is a must in any lingerie drawer. Choose well the model to ensure that it looks good, lifting and supporting the breasts.
Some front zipped bras are swimmer, making you already solve two problems with one piece. But, if your is not, always have a model of these in the closet to work with blouses that have a neckline in the back.
Income With Strech
Stretch lace bras are comfortable and beautiful. They super fulfill the function of raising and giving sustenance, always having the comfort in the first place. They are the real basic sexy – perfect !!
Boy Shorts
The panty briefs are perfect for wearing underneath everything, especially shorts, skirts and pieces with more transparent fabric. In addition to comfortable and practical, they become sexy suuuper in body as well.
Thinning underwear should first of all be comfortable. The ones that are of the surrender are usually comfys and they are beautiful, beautiful!
Slip Dress
Modelers or more, the slip dresses are ideal for wearing under clothes that can mark.Not to mention that if it is the larger model, it also works as a beautiful sweater.