The Most Iconic Movie Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the most important pieces of jewelry, with the correct necklace you can take your outfit to another level and eclipse anyone in the room, and Hollywood knows.
That’s why so many movies evolve and develop around these and here we name the most memorable:

The Heart of the Ocean of’Titanic’

We can say that this is the most famous necklace of all the cinema. The film ‘Titanic’, which has collected over the years around $ 2,185,372,302 and 11 Oscars, wraps around this necklace. The Heart of the Ocean, according to the film, is a necklace with a blue heart shaped diamond that belonged to Louis XVI. But they were actually based on the Hope Diamond which is now housed in the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution donated by the jeweler Harry Winston, who sent it by regular US mail in a brown paper envelope.
The necklace used in the film was not really a diamond, but cubic zirconia and white gold, but after that the film reached the fame Asprey & Garrard were in charge ofbringing it to life but this time with a sapphire of 170 carats, Surrounded by 103 diamonds and valued at 4 million dollars.

The necklace of the’B’of’The Bolena sisters

(‘The Other Boleyn Girl’)
This necklace besides beautiful is historical Did you know that it really existed? The one used in the film is based on the paintings seen by Anne Boleyn and her daughter Queen Elizabeth I. From the neck of Natalie Portman we can see a row of pearls, adorned with the monogram “B” and with pearls in the form of tears At the end of this initial.
Due to its historical value and that the piece has been lost for a long time, it is verydifficult to put a price on this jewel, but some expert approximate that the value exceeds 250 thousand US dollars.

Diamond Necklace from’Moulin Rouge

The necklace given to Satine by the Duke of Monroth is an impressive spectacle, it seems a sea of ​​brilliants, and the best thing is that it is real. The one carried by Nicole Kidman in the film is nothing fake and was made specifically for the recording, it was designed by Stefano Canturi, owns 1308 diamonds, around 134 carats.
It was the most expensive jewel made for a film until that time, about 1 million USD. Stefano Canturi was based on the garland style necklaces very famous in the Victorian era and used techniques of more than 100 years, the elaboration took months of work. After the release of the film the necklace was to be auctioned, but Canturi became fond of this jewel and now belongs to his private collection.

Collar Isadora of’How to lose a boy in 10 days’

(‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’
This was the jewel that removed from the throne the necklace of ‘Moulin Rouge’ asthe most expensive made for a movie. This time,  the signature of Harry Winston made the amazing piece of art for the character of Kate Hudson, Andie, in this acclaimed romantic comedy.
The costume designer had to create the dress specifically to match the 84-carat yellow diamond necklace valued at $ 5.3 million.

Holly Pearls Golightly in’Breakfast with Diamonds’

(‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’)
The icon of style and fashion Audrey Hepburn, marked and left for history the personage of Holly Golightly of the novel of Truman Capote. It is that with his phrase “I simply love Tiffany”, referring to the famous New York jewelry in front of which the character of Hepburn used to eat breakfast and to fantasize, has enchanted audiences for more than 50 years.
The most famous scene of the film, which marked a before and after in the world of fashion, is the one in which Audrey Hepburn uses that little black dress by Givenchy, a tiara, an elegant cigar holder and the amazing pearl necklace And Tiffany’s diamonds that runs down his back and we’ve all seen and admired.
The necklace is composed of about 100 to 120 beads, with a diamond clasp in the middle. It should be noted that this look marked a trend that has inspired millions of designers and jewelers and has still been in force since 1961.

The necklace of rubies and diamonds of’Pretty woman’

(Pretty Woman)
Who does not remember the scene where Richard Gere, playing the businessman Edward Lewis, gives a beautiful necklace of rubies and diamonds to Vivian, the character of Julia Roberts. Did you know that the joke by closing the box in your hand was totally improvised? It turned out so charming and the surprise and laughter of Julia Roberts so authentic that the director loved her and left her in the movie. Check cheap necklace made of stainless steel from WHOLESALEABLY.COM.
Perhaps this moment so captivating made the necklace so important in the world of cinema and we all remember with a smile. And that is so beautiful helps a lot, is composed of 23 rubies surrounded by diamonds and is valued at a sum of 1.35 million dollars.
What do you think? What is your favorite? Do you remember any more? Tell us.