The New iPhone 6-What Will Apple Offer?

It is no secret that a new iPhone will soon see the light of day. Here is what we expect to see.
After a regular flurry of rumors, leaks and even video-sneak peek is waiting time soon here. Apple and Tim Cook will present their new iPhones in the evening.
The actual launch will take place in the hotbed for mac-Ness: Flint Center for the Performing Arts, the same venue where Apple 30 years ago showed off the iconic Macintosh PC.
Over 6000 journalists, industry professionals and analytikkere will be present to accept. Here is what our site thinks Apple will offer.

Bigger and leaner — and ending with scratches

Do you think iPhone 5S is too small, the new iPhone will delight you. Apple’s darling gets as growing pains, and the display will spread over 4.7 inch. With the new screen follows a new design, the sharp edges are fillet down and instead will be rounded.
The new look means that Apple simultaneously scrap the characteristic round volume and power buttons, and replaces them with oblong buttons.
The new target will be at 138x67x6, 9 mm, slimmer, but considerably higher and wider than the iPhone 5S as can squeeze into his 124x59x7, 6 mm metal casing. It means, however, that corpus-thin sylfide camera now will protrude out of the phone, a design compromise as deceased Steve Jobs hardly had approved.
It is not large enough, a larger 5.5 inch iPhone rumor, whether it makes debut tonight or gets its own launch later this year will our site not put his head on the block yet. Crunch in the production suggests that iPhone ‘ Pro ‘ or ‘ Air ‘ will get deferred sales debut.
Although the phones will be bigger Apple maintains their well-known aluminium unibody. The hardened glass in front of the display should be replaced now by sapphire glass, an expensive, but extremely durable glass type, which is much more scratch resistant than tempered glass as the Gorilla Glass 3.

More power friendly processor

Behind the expensive glass will the successor to the A7, A8 processor, drive the new iPhone. It is still a dual-core processor, which now stands for a less boring from 1.3 GHz to 1.38 GHz. As with Apple’s previous products, the processor will also receive fintuninger and optimizations that will get the new iPhone to provide better, but the focus rests in particular on energy efficiency.
About the new iPhone will be able to hold power longer remains to be seen. The battery itself will receive a boost from 1560 to 1860 mAh mAh but the new iPhone dazzles at the same time, up to a larger screen, which will drain more of the battery. The battery in the larger iPhone Pro will bid on 2915 mAh and here should hold power in eons.
By contrast, the memory will not be increased. It is still only 1 GB RAM to drag on, while the bigger iPhone is believed to get 2 GB to work with Apple will not exploit. 64-bit functionality to integrate 4 GB memory in this game.
Screen resolution display remains ‘ retina ‘ and it translates 1334 x 750 and 326 PPI in iPhone 6. The bigger iPhone Pro is expected to promise resolution to 2208×1242 and hitting sharp 461 PPI.
Storage space remains on the 16 GB in the cheap variant, but Apple will extend the range with up 128 GB of storage, which probably will approach the 10,000.0-crowns.

NFC mobile payments and health

The new iPhone is born with iOS 8 which integrates both health-app and HealthKit, a development tool which creates the basis for the collection of health and self-tracking data in Apple’s ecosystem.
For data-sharing and pairing with, among other things, speakers and cameras will Apple’s new iPhone integrate an NFC chip. With it will be able to quickly communicate with other iPhones devices with a single bump.
A rumor partnerships with the three largest credit card companies, Visa, MasterCard and American Express, is expected to open up for mobile payments via iPhone. With these partners in the back can Apple produce a strong payment platform with built-in fingerprint reader and NFC.

Not necessarily more expensive

It has said from multiple sources that Apple will raise the price of the new iPhone, but there are several models in the game. At our site, we believe that the smaller iPhone 6 will inherit his predecessor pricing on 5,399.0-crowns and 6,999 respectively 16 and 64 GB variants.
But credit cards are gold-or platinum-colored, otherwise if you like to bet over the move, Apple is also willing to offer far more expensive variants.
The first upgrade option will be the bigger iPhone ‘ Pro ‘ or ‘ Air ‘ which certainly will hit a higher price range around the 6,000.0-DKK for the smallest 16 GB variant.
Each doubling of storage space will then raise the price sign with ca. 800.0-us, until we end up between eight and nine thousand dollars for the most expensive 128 GB iPhone Pro.

When it can be bought in Denmark?

That goes typically does not last long between presentation and delivery at Apple. Therefore, frames the first iPhones probably deal one to two weeks from today.
Denmark is usually served in a second phase and you must therefore keep the dankort in tranquility in a few weeks yet before you can buy the new iPhone.
Production woes with the larger iPhone 6 can also help to limit the launch for certain markets. There may be one or two months before it hits the Danish store shelf.

Follow with tonight

There are only a few hours to the launch at 7 p.m. tonight, where we will be incorporated into Apple’s iPhone plans. Our site follows, of course, the development of close and you can see for yourself with in Apple’s livestream below.