The No! a Graduation

By Ana Sofia Mendoza | What with what
Approaching the season of graduations, and tod@s will already have in mind the outfit that make them feel like Star on red carpet, whether your role is stellar (bone the graduad @) or secondary (therapist @) I have the If but above all the not < /B12 > so aren’t in “the list of worst l@s vesti@s” which j. Lo in the Oscars or Beyonce in the Met gala.
1.-that does not attack you syndrome the size wrong, if you are L and shopping M you won’t see slim if not tight, on the other hand if you are S and buy M look like “sack of potatoes”.

  1. the socket is being used a lot but beware!When mixed with the satin instead of it being moretrendy seems you are wearing the Nightgown sleepwear.
  2. thecolor blockingis one of the hottest trends of the season, but eye combinations, remember that everything depends on the range of color, not because is it worth carrying various colors can afford it all, takes into account your skin color, fabric and age.

4 shoes, the weakness of every woman, a spectacular gown may lose its importance if you’re wearing the wrong shoes, as well as a dress “X”can be””WOW”. If you wear shoes that”stand up”
5 OK be a moment to remove the jewels from the “safe” but beware of bling bling, if you use a dress with shiny, makeup with shine, and jewelry look like Christmas tree in midsummer.
Often when I write the column and give the tips then people ask me that if really there who make those mistakes, and here is where I give a twist to this reading, like I said this week I am in Barcelona, where I attended a graduation a very important business school and renowned, this only mention it to place them on the stage.
The ceremony was formal, not so much as in Mexico, (here the graduations are a more discrete Act and for that reason it is not necessary to go long gown or men with “smoking”) the academic Act was in the typical school auditorium and then had a cocktail on the terrace c on a stunning, views in order to dinner (that if as in the Mexican ranks).
But all of this is the story because each of the errors that I ask that they do not commit up saw them here.
The first and I think that one of the most obvious (makes competition to the last error which witnessed) is that of a girl using natural color stockings, up to here go well, (and if you are thinking of stockings with this heat?, I say that here the day temperature was 16°) (C) the problem was that the socks in question were one or two sizes smaller I had to carry, which caused that it seems as if your legs were to burst, also sure that had to hurt!
We continue with the “pyjama girl”, she was wearing a satin dress + lace that left me speechless to thinking if it was pajamas and had taken advantage of put it to so save yourself a step in the night “routine” or in the shop gave him “cat eyes” and sold him a Nightshirt co MO if a dress.
As for the color, was taken this guys, a man with a yellow bow tie, gray suit and blue shirt, I love to be encourage to use color, but believe me, what I saw was all less color blocking.
The last one, I love and only if I could take a picture, taking all those not, leave the picture and ask them to observe the hem stitching, stockings that have nothing to do, booties and well dress seems more than day , informal and for use with sandals, you judge!
I leave a last tip, if you’re not accustomed to using high heels and that day will do it, practice a few days earlier to avoid that they hurt you, you have blisters or feet that look like espinado chicken while walking.