The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30

In December, I had you already from my first contact with the brand new Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30 toldthe I specialist Christian Ohlig “was fingering my friend and EIZO” of this chic and highly functional photo and camera backpack had obtained from the Kickstart program at PeakDesign. The report on this can be found your Here. The very first delivery batch like to consider the kick starter buyer. The second batch was quite small to Germany, so that I now on the first big swing is a the Enjoy your camera-container to the test got. Thanks to the team of Ingo Quendler at Enjoyyourcamera love for very many.
We can see your in the above-right long-video I am very fond. The backpack is hard to beat in terms of functionality and very well thought through. Every man for himself must decide whether the design you like. He is not “retro” and not “vintage”, for it but very functional and smart and still–very nice I think.
My Load Is-As Shown In The Video :
Sony A7R Sony 85 1.4 G MASTER II
Sony A6300 with Sony SEL 10-18
Sony flash HVL-43 M
Sony Zeiss 55 1.8
Leica Summilux 28 1.7 Q
Leica C-the Compact with 28-200
Fuji Instax mini
three Fuji Instax films
M portable II-the mobile backup SSD with case
Case with USB Chargers and power supply
Peak design field pouch with MacBook power adapter, cable, mouse, etc.
Bose BT headphones
Bose small parts bag with headset and cable stuff
Moleskin notebook
Ballpoint pen
four batteries in two 2-bags
Power Bank
SD card case
Manfrotto pixi
Manfrotto clamp (for the Smartphone on the tripod)
The “Technical” Data Of The Pack Are:
Empty weight of the Backpack on my scale: 1,980 g
Outer material: 500D-Nylonstoff
Color: Charcoal/grey (dark grey)
Volume: 30 l
Dimensions: 51 x 33 x 20 cm
Maximum notebook size: 40 x 27 x 4 cm
Met carry-on suitability: for all airlines
My Personal Highlights Of This Pack:
By the way, almost no cat hair “almost indestructible material at the” stick!
The foldable indoor swimsuit-Sau-practical and very flexible
The belts-in particular the removable chest strap
The processing
The very easy barreled zippers that are still weatherproof
The well-thought-out interior pockets
The waterproof and wischbare floor
The closure of the main compartment-easy and yet not for long finger
Three hand grips-awesome!
The two elastic side pockets for kl. Tripod or water bottle or the baguette in the ramble through Paris(… and the delicious red wine on the other side.) Smile.)
Tablet and notebook compartment in one – touch without the two devices
Loading volume–despite its small exterior dimensions- fascinating. Which is bigger on the inside than outside!
Who is looking for a backpack—you know this sentence already like a student bag. I think it’s great that reasonable backpacks in the market is growing and manufacturers fighting each other not only with the materials used and the Visual look, but the functionality of the modern traveler photographers get more and more in the foreground. PeakDesign this is a pretty damn good job!