The Sporty Blue tooth Headset

Anyone looking for a chic and lightweight Blue tooth headphones, is very well served with the Skull Candy wireless grind. The practice test.
The Skull Candy company headquartered in the United States is in this country maybe not everyone familiar with. With its audio products, Americans especially targeting sports users. The best example is the new Blue tooth headphones grind wireless which is available currently for just under 90 euros.
The fresh design of the outdoor listener is striking. While the appearance of many competing products often appears as it would meet the preferences of Asian audiences, it has endeavoured with Skull Candy to attract a younger, Western audience. Our test sample is kept in the dark brown shade. The top of the handle is a combination of fabric in leather and camouflage design. The padded bottom of bracket is a clear contrast with a red-and black Plaid design. For those who like even more prominently, resorts to the grind of wireless in the brilliant blue hue. But of course there are also conservative variants, the mainly in black or white.

Skull candy Grind Wireless: Operation and Handling

The most difficult task is merely to release the headset from the extremely stable packaging. Did you do that, the operation is virtually self-explanatory – especially if you’re already familiar with Blue tooth headphones.
It is controlled by three buttons. A large round button in the Middle the switching on and off and in playback mode serves as play/pause button. The other two buttons are shaped in the form of a large plus or minus sign, see picture below. You know a very good solution, so immediately, where you have to press, to adjust the volume. Other headphones with uniform keys, pressing the wrong button – quickly when not every day using the headphones. Pressing the plus / minus buttons skippt to the next or to the previous track.

Skull candy Grind Wireless: Processing, Comfort and Range

An approximately 23 mm wide metal frame gives the grind wireless a very good stability. The headset folds may not, according to Computergees, but it is also detrimental to the stable construction. With about 180 grams, the grind of wireless is also very easy. The padding of the ear Lying on ear piece, as well as the padded headband is extremely pleasant. Long wearing was not a problem in our practice test. Still grind wireless is sitting securely on the head and slip even with sporting activities not.
Skull Candy promises a battery life of 12 hours, what we can confirm about our practical test. An accurate battery indicator however is missing. Charging is via a standard micro USB cable. Should the battery be unplanned empty, an AUX input is available is to use the grind wireless classic with a connector cable. The range for the wireless reception is ten meters in the best case.

Skull Candy grind wireless

Skull candy Grind Wireless: Sound Insulation and Sound

The sound isolation from ambient noise is good thanks to the closed headphones. The grind of wireless can oppose nothing moving a S-Bahn trains for example. Who here wants more power, requires a set of headphones with active noise-cancelling.
The sound of the grind of wireless is very balanced despite an emphasis on the bass. The headphones suitable for the most of the music, as well as language and audio books very well.
Thanks to a built-in microphone, you can use grind wireless for phone calls on your Smart phone the Skull Candy. Since the microphone is integrated in the ear, you may not expect miracles. The voice transmission for the opposite can be therefore somewhat too low.

Skull candy Grind Wireless: Conclusion

The Skull Candy wireless grind is robust processes, comfortable to wear and easy to use. Whether on the road or at home, the Blue tooth headphones is listening pleasure.