The TOP 10 Canon Printers 2010

Today we want to present the ten most popular Canon printer models of the past year. We get this data from our shop database, and thus we can create a reliable overview of the TOP 10 printers in 2010. This list shows not the top-10 printers have been sold this year, but that printer for which the most printer cartridges were searched or bought this year.
For a better overview, we have created a chart. There is the search queries, the printer models and used Canon printer cartridges. This diagram, you can of course like to link or build on your own site.

TOP 10 Canon printers in 2010

  1. Canon PIXMA IP 4700
  2. Canon PIXMA MP 550
  3. Canon PIXMA MP 640
  4. Canon PIXMA IP 4600
  5. Canon PIXMA IP 4850
  6. Canon PIXMA MP 560
  7. Canon PIXMA IP 4200
  8. Canon PIXMA IP 4500
  9. Canon PIXMA IP 3600
  10. Canon PIXMA IP 4300

As you can see, it’s a smorgasbord of current (IP4850) and older (IP4200, IP4300) Canon PIXMA ink jet printers. Canon laser printers are not represented at all in this top 10 list.
Overall, this TOP 10 list series consists of three generations of the Canon PIXMA printer. The oldest printer models and the IP4200, IP4300, IP4500 use the old CLI-8 and PGI-5BK cartridge series. Some newer models such as the IP4600, IP4700, MP550 and MP640 use the Canon CLI-521 and PGI-520BK cartridgesseries. Only a printer of the latest Canon printer generation is represented in this top 10 list – the Canon PIXMA IP4850. This printer uses the current CLI-526 and PGI-525PGBK ink cartridges and has been available since September, 2010 in the trade. Because the chip code still could be decrypted this new generation of cartridge , Canon printer cartridges to print only with the original. For all other Canon cartridges, there are compatible printer cartridges with matching chip for a long time.