The World's Most Expensive Corset

After an interesting product line to your 20 anniversary, the brand has shown, not the handbag or shoes, but a more expensive bouquet of the planet, all made with Swarovski crystals.
he bodice was one of the hottest fashion trends since Sarah Jessica Parker, actress in the American television series Sex and the City. In the current market there is a coated piece of luxury and refinement. What gives this garment a unreachable status is to recast your Swarovski artist Verlingieri Ukrainian Lesya (young has only 26 years) to a new label, called sewing Lever. This strapless bodice is undoubtedly the most beautiful and the most expensive, and is embellished with about of 41000 Swarovski crystals to make this elegant appearance. This bodice has a custom sewing costs $ $10,000 (approximately 20000 dollars).
Corsage was back famous 19-century Word, term commonly used for a woman’s bodice or jacket. In modern usage, bouquet can be confused with a corset, but we have to remember that a corset is tighter, while corsage tends to be a looser fit compared to corset. A bride can be called a bodice. Women who are not rich enough will think twice when they want to buy the most expensive corset on the extrareference.
Surely this is a beautiful piece, and will soon be in the Guinness Book of records (Guinness Book). The only problem is the value … pay 20000 dollars in a single piece of clothing, it’s only for those who have lots of money to spend.