Therefore Love Schoolchildren and Trendsetters iPhone

Schoolchildren and trendsetters love the iPhone – Christine Feldthaus gives his views on why trendsetters choose iPhone.
When Apple tonight Sept. 9 presents the new iPhone 6, there is no doubt that people of all ages all over the world follow curiously with. Children as young as school starting age today iPhone, and if you ask them why, so the answer is often: “Because it has the others” – A simple and very childish response.
But why love trendsetters and celebrities iPhone? You might think that those who want to be first movers will not choose “like all the others”, but instead find niches where they could be innovative and stand out.
Lifestyle Expert Christine Feldthaus has for several years made the wise consumption habits, and she has two primary suggestions why trendsetters and people from the creative class chooses iPhone:
” If we start with someone like me, it is all my own universe built around Apple products: Apple TV, Airport Xpress, Apple’s time Capsule, Macbook, ipad, iphone etc. ”
She suggests that a particular segment of people who spend their time in the creative industries, there is great joy in Apple products, especially due to their design and functionality, “It is plug and
play It’s easy. All units are synchronized, and therefore it would be unthinkable to switch to Android phones or Japanese brands currently ”
Christine Feldthaus also considers, however, that there is another shallow to so many, especially Europeans choose Apple
iPhone: ” Apple is seen as a first mover! – Apple has built a brand with surprise, adventure, amusement, good design and it’s American – That we like here in Europe ”
And mark means especially much says Christine Feldthaus explaining to our site that many believe they get more “badge value” and image value of Apple rather than for Samsung, though Samsung makes excellent products.
” they are just in the creative class eye a tooth less delicious. A bit like VW and Skoda. “