This Is The New Animation of Boot Android 6.0 Marshmallow

6.0 Android Marshmallow is here, and although his update will not reach the first devices to within a few weeks, users of a 5 nexus, Nexus 6, 9 Nexus and Nexus Player can now enjoy this version if they unload the final version Android M Preview 3.
Virtually all the novelties of 6.0 Android Marshmallow We have seen them in Android M Developer Preview 1 news and updates Android M Developer Preview 2, but it seems that the new Android M Developer Preview 3 expect us more hidden news, as the new boot animation.
The animation that you can see in these videos is the new boot animation official of Android 6.0 that you will enjoy the Nexus and other devices that do not modify the boot animation. The new animation is much more visual, full of transformations that end up shaping the word Android once loaded the system.