This Week's Outfit-Quilted Jacket

This week’s outfit is clearly influenced by southern European style. A sporty elegant attire that does not hold any advanced colour matches or mod targets stone for the fall. The key words are rather bare and simple.
Blazer Hickey (Approximately $4520)-Concept Quilted Jacket sounds completely absurd. However, I cannot help but think that this is actually really neat. A sporty hybrid between Blazer and jacket should be worn with the same stylistic confidence Italians often present. A perfect option for both autumn and spring jacket.
Corduroy Pants J. Press (Approximately 780 kr)-a dark blue top matched with advantage to corduroy pants in tone between Brown and orange.
Shirt Bagutta (SEK 1012, question is if it is even theoretically possible to fail with a light blue shirt?
Scarf J. Press (approximately 810 ad)-a cashmere scarf is in its simplicity is always a classy option ideal for early autumn as frigid winter.
Shoes Tod’s (approximately 2650 kr, is interesting to see how a dress can give different impressions depending on the choice of shoe. A few läderbrogues were directly set a British character, while, for example, a pair of Converse or tasselloafers from Alden had brought tanks to the United States. These sporty mockabrogues from Tod’s is typically Italian.
Eyewear Oliver Peoples -Round glasses has become something of a fashion wise stance. Personally I think this model is as timeless and sophisticated as a second-hand bookshop around the corner.