Thus Is The New Volume Control Android M, with Mode Silence

The new version of the operating system Android M Finally solves one of the most criticized of Lollipop problems: not to put mobile in silence down to the maximum volume of ringtone and notifications control.
Android M Opens a new volume control which is perfect, as it retrieves the silent mode to which we are accustomed to use and because it now control the volume of tone, multimedia and alarm from the same sound in a very simple control.
How much press the volume keys of our device will adjust the volume control context as always, but if we click on the arrow will access other controls. And to power the phone in silence, without mute alarms, it is as in versions prior to Lollipop, the volume down stop until mode vibration, and are back down again.
This change to simplifies the volume control in our devices has done that now the so do not disturb has gone to the bar of the quick adjustments Android.