Tie Is a Must as Soon as Possible

According to Chinese tradition, 2006 dog years, but in the fashion world, this will be probably abot years. From having lived a somewhat doldrums around the neck of businessmen the world over turn now ties through big in the affärsklädsel as well as casual wear.
-Tie is definitely back and the big difference is that it is now also used to casual attire. The tie is no longer reserved for a buttoned shirt, but may as well be worn to an open shirt or as a complement to any other garment, “says Peter K on textile company Atlas Design.
The tie is a strong trendbetonat garments where the model, color, and pattern follows fashion in General. After a fall with narrow-cut jackets you see why a sharply increased demand for skinny ties. Peter Jihde-knutarnas time appears to be over, for now.
-The big knots have done their. This season, the narrow tie dominated for the first time since the 80 ‘s, “says K.
Principle to match slipsmodell and the shirt is really quite simple. It is the opening between the kragsnibbarna that determines the choice of slipsmodell. Wide ties gives big slipsknutar and opening between kragsnibbarna should therefore be greater. For the really big slipsknutarna suited a shirt with cut-awaykrage the best. Cut-away means that kragsnibbarna are cut out to the sides which leaves room for a proper bow tie. Slipsbredden should also be consistent with the width of the jacket lapels. Narrow kind goes with skinny tie and vice versa.
-Preference for color and pattern is obviously very subjective, but if you want to be sure you choose a solid color tie to a patterned shirt, says K. With a solid color shirt can instead remove the turns a little with the tie.
According to K represents seven sets of ties and shirts a good basic wardrobe for the wearing of these garments to the living. The number of possible combinations is then sufficient to provide a varied clothing and you don’t have to spend money on ties used only for a single event.
Atlas Design also has a nice matching tools on their site where you can test ties with different colors and patterns for different shirts.