Tips for Choosing the Right Bra Size

Many of us will make us a world to find the likes of right bra, in fact, we are often reluctant to shop online for if we fail with bra size or if we then cost you money back bra the correct size once and we would have tried at home, right?
For we want to have two secret;) The first is that we are going to show below a table of sizes with which will be very easy guide to find your perfect bra size with two easy tricks. The second secret is that if not guess right with the likes do not worry, the change for another size or model (if you do not like to see it personally) is completely free:) In fact, if you do not guess right the first, you call to help right the second with your size. You will not have to worry about anything!

Along with this table we have created to help, we want to tell  two typical errors that many of us commit to choosing our bra size according to Ethnicityology. Let ‘s hope so, we can provide you buying your fasteners from today.
When we talk about breast size, many of us do not really know what corresponds to the number (105, for example) and which corresponds to the letter (C, for example). Very simple, the number, in this case 105, correspond to the outline below the chest and the letter, called Cup, in this case for example the letter C, correspond to the size of the breast itself. Just the opposite of what many think.
In short, if you have a size 105C. 105 → Corresponds to outline below the chest. C → Corresponds to the chest itself.
-The Second mistake is to set ourselves when we buy a bra in the European size (EU). To buy a bra in Spain, always we must look (if the Spanish size is not specified anywhere) in French class, which is the same sizing the Spanish ever.
On the other hand, you have a trick to better understand the topic outline in bras:
If you change the contour size (90,95,100,105 …) you have to also change the cup size, if you do not and you keep the Cup (B, C, D, E …) you will not only increasing or decreasing contour size, but also the breast size. Therefore, you have to make equivalence. How?
If you increase a size boundary (Example 90 to 95), to maintain the same breast size you would decrease the letter.
Example: You have a 90C and need to increase the size of contour, but the cup does not change as you is perfect. Your new bra size is: 95B.
If you decrease a size boundary (Example 95 to 90), to maintain the same breast size and that does not change, you have to increase the letter.
Example: You have a 95C and needs to reduce the size of contour, but the cup does not change as you is perfect. Your new bra size is: 90D.
And once we’ve counting these little tricks and little secrets, you have chosen the size and has come you home, you should know that the perfect bra for you must meet certain requirements, easy to remember for every time you try on a bra new:
-The Back of the bra should never ride up, should be at chest height.
-The Ring bra has to be below the chest the ball home.
-The Bra ALWAYS have to cover the entire breast.
-The Straps must be straight.