Tips for Jewelry Care

You should deal with jewelry pieces gently. You need an appropriate care, so that its surface is not damaged and its beauty is maintained. At the sport, once you go swimming or showering, you should take before the jewelry. House or garden work should also be done without jewelry, because doing such gems can suffer unnecessary damage, although they have a tremendous hardship. Also when washing your hands or the use of perfume or creams it is better to place the jewelry before or afterwards to create. Possible residues can be removed carefully with warm water, SOAP or cosmetics. Subsequent careful drying of the jewels is important to avoid water spots. To the care and polishing jewelry special wipes are available.
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So the Jewelry Shines Again

The shimmering brilliance of silver and gold can be received with a gentle skin care cream or restore. Such care products provide a better tarnish of the jewelry pieces and applied with a sponge. You can use a soft brush with natural bristles for worse-to-reach spaces and stone trim. Then the jewelry with warm water free from the cream and dry well.
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Discoloration is Not Equal to Discoloration – Ionized Jewelry

Of course, nobody wants unsightly discoloration of pearl jewelry by These dark spots caused by the reaction of silver jewelry with oxygen. There are also intended discoloration. The surface of the jewelry pieces is deliberately blackened during the so-called black Ionic plating process. Thus, for example, decorations can be more clearly highlight. When cleaning such items of jewellery, it therefore should be careful so that the black coating is not damaged or is removed.