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With the iPhone 3GS, Apple provides the best iPhone of ever: more memory, more pixels, more software and above all: more speed. However, shortly after the launch, the first questions arise among users. We answer the 20 most important.
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20 questions
According to Apple, the iPhone OS 3.0 offers 100 new features. But what they are exactly and how do I find the correct settings? And what to do if the Apple cell phone no longer boots up?
Are the answers to all of the major issues around the new iPhone 3GS, on the following pages.
Questions About The Firmware 3.0
What should I do if the update fails? What features will bring the new firmware? Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the iPhone OS 3.0.
Question: I get an error message after you install of the update and I can’t activate the iPhone.
Please turn off virus scanners and firewalls and try again. If that doesn’t help, contact Apple.
Question: does the iPhone OS 3.0 what’s new?
You will find all major and important innovations clearly put together on the Website of Apple software update. You will find additional, hidden features our site.
Question: How do I get video files on my iPhone 3GS?
You can for example use the free tool video filesMediaCoder iPhone/iPod touch convert to the right format and then transfer via iTunes on the iPhone or the iPod touch. Alternatively, you can buy iPhone 3GS also directly from the iTunes store movies with, or borrow.
Question: How can I activate the battery indicator in %?
The battery indicator in % can be activated on the iPhone 2 G and 3 G with a jailbreak. Was set already with OS 2.2.1 or earlier jailbreak, it is 3.0 even after updating to OS still exists. You can enable the display in % without jailbreak on the iPhone 3 G S OS 3.0. The appropriate option located in the menu of the iPhone 3GS under Settings – General – use.
Question: Is there already a jailbreak or unlock for iPhone 3GS?
There is a jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS already, so the Apple cell phone regardless of the iTunes store operate and unlock for external programs. The hacking community around the iPhone dev-team has now also on its Internet site Unlock for the new iPhone 3GS released with firmware 3.0, thus, the iPhone 3GS can be operated also with other SIM cards. You will find a step by step instructions here.

Questions About Fees And Tariffs

The new iPhone model shall distribute exclusively only T-Mobile in Germany.But what has changed with the iPhone tariffs and terms and conditions?
Question: Is the iPhone 3 G cheaper or fares are cheaper?
No, this is currently not planned. The price for iPhone 3 G still marketed in the 8 GB version is only in the tariff of complete 60 of 59.95 on new 1 euro. The previous iPhone 3 G 16 GB is no longer marketed from the 19.06.
Question: Can I buy the iPhone 3 G or 3 G S without a T-Mobile contract?
Yes, you can purchase all iPhone models even without a contract, they come from other European countries, where the iPhones without contract and Netlock or SIM-lock for legal reasons must be sold. Find tips for sale without contract here.
Question: Can I use the iPhone 3 G S as T-Mobile customer as a modem (tethering)?
So far, the modem function for the Apple iPhone (tethering) is still not accessible for the complete plans of T-Mobile, T-Mobile blocks the corresponding settings.It should work in the near future, we have here the instructions for you: you get via the menu item settings General network tethering then to the modem function.Now, you need to pair your iPhone with your PC or Mac via USB or Bluetooth and dial through the network connections to the Internet.
Question: On what terms can I change 3 G on the iPhone 3 G S as T-Mobile customer from the iPhone?
T-Mobile offers iPhone customers, for the first time after 12 months contract against transfer fee amounting to 25 Euro per remaining, to prematurely terminate the contract, if you at the same time a full month maturity new two-year contract within the Complete complete tariffs.

Questions About The Device / Hardware

Even if the design against the nothing has changed iPhone 3 G, Apple iPhone 3GS has bought some new hardware components.
Question: Can I replace the battery in the new iPhone 3GS itself, if it is defective?
No, it’s for any of the three iPhone models. For this you need to directly Apple contact, or one T-Mobile store If you have purchased the device in conjunction with a corresponding contract.
Question: My iPhone keeps crashing at startup and then hang or it starts by itself over and over again.
You can reset the iPhone via iTunes to factory settings.If even that doesn’t work, you can put your iPhone in the maintenance mode (DFU mode). Press it just at the same time home and power button is switched off the phone and release the power button again for 3 seconds. Hold down the home button for 10 seconds.
Now, iTunes will detect an iPhone in recovery mode and you can restore it. Please do a backup (backup copy) of the iPhones regularly because your data is lost after a restore. You can play again after restoring the backup on the iPhone. to run a backup, you run the sync process on iTunes multiple times. Then, iTunes will perform a backup of your iPhone.
Question: In my settings I can no longer select the WLAN (WiFi) and Bluetooth features.
This problem sometimes occurs after updating to a new firmware. You can fix it easily: perform a manual restart the iPhone–hold for the power and the home button for about ten seconds. Then reset the network settings (reset settings-General-network settings). If that doesn’t work, you can reset the iPhone through iTunes to factory settings (see above). But beforehand, perform a data backup.
Question: If a program crashes on my iPhone, it can no longer be closed.
Press the sleep button until the Red slider appears, with the function to turn off, if you now press the home button, the program should close by itself – despite the crash.
Question: My iPhone won’t do, or no longer boots up.
Recharge the iPhone via the supplied charger for about a half hour, maybe the battery is completely empty. If that doesn’t help, you should try to reset the iPhone via iTunes (see above) to the factory default settings. If it still does not work, you should check out directly toApple support contact.

Questions About The Apps

Question: There is a complete navigation solution as an app for the iPhone 3GS?
There are currently two navigation solutions for the iPhone: NAVIGON MN for the iPhone 3G(S) and Sygic mobile maps Europe. The manufacturer TomTom has a corresponding solution in work and NavNGo also messing with a fully fledged guidance for the Apple phone.
Question: Is there an alternate browser for iPhone 3GS?
No, the developers of free mobile browser Opera Mini have but according to media reports late last year a version for the iPhone completed, but never released.Apple’s license terms allow no competing browser for the iPhone (3GS).
Question: I can’t open any apps on my iPhone, they close again immediately.
First check whether the apps in iTunes are still enabled: double-click it in the iTunes app on an app that no longer comes up,.
If Yes, try to play the last backup (backup) on the iPhone. It can also help to remove the checkmark at “Synchronize the programs”, then synchronize and then back to set the hook and to synchronize again. Of it also helps to clear a single app on the iPhone and then via iTunes to play on.
Question: On my iPhone suddenly no apps are more present in iTunes already. What can I do?
First, try to play the last backup data backup on the iPhone via iTunes. If that doesn’t work, proceed as follows: connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, open iTunes, deselect “Sync applications” and then click “Apply”. Wait synchronization and enable the action then “Sync applications” and again click “Apply”.
Question: My apps are no longer available in iTunes as well as on the iPhone. What can I do?
If you have purchased the apps on the PC, so it is stored locally on your hard disk, see this normally own files/itunes/mobile applications. The exact location can also determine, by clicking on programs in iTunes and then click on an app right and select information. From there, you can import the programs again in iTunes. If they are there no longer stored, you need to play the last backup of the data on the iPhone or individually reload the apps on iTunes for free.