Top 10 Flashlight Applications

A few weeks ago, we were echoing these Flash Player applications that were spying on users.These are always present on the store of Google while doing that when one has a vital need of light while his smartphone does not have a function assigned by default?Our top 10 will remedy this dilemma by offering 10 certified apps without abusive permissions.
Previously, it was indeed the Snoopwall site that had investigated and then revealed about the permissions required for the use of several Flash Games applications among the most popular Play Store. 10 of them asked for the most wacky permissions, such as geolocation of the user or access to all the text messages of the device.
To solve this problem, there is nothing like a selection of the best applications of the kind that do only one thing, what is expected of them, to enlighten!

Top 10 Flashlights, Without Abusive Permissions!

According to toughestflashlights, all the applications offered here are free of charge and require only the minimum required for permissions to light up in the dark.Do not hesitate to take a look.


Well known by some fans of custom ROMS, Torch takes no place (less than 1 MB), offers no adjustments but ensures the essential expected of such an application. Let’s add that there is no advertising displayed and that a simple small widget allows to activate or deactivate the lighting directly.Simplicity has good, you will agree very soon after testing it.

Torch SG

More advanced than the previous application, Torche SG also has the widget that greatly simplifies everyday life as well as some adjustments. The best of all senses is the possibility of automatically turning off this extra light when the smartphone is put back in the pocket or when the cover is put back.Thank you the photo sensors for this useful function.

LED Flashlight Torch

This app has all the characteristics expected of a “flashlight”, one finds thus all the characteristics appreciated on the other titles of the selection.
This app nevertheless adds the ability to use the entire screen to add overall lighting.In total darkness, utility is quickly found.

LED Super-Brilliant Lamp

For lovers of pretty interfaces, this application have an imitation flashlight “like a real”.Besides this feature, it is also possible to switch to flashing mode, to send SOS in case of need?One never knows what danger lurks in the darkness.Do not forget these words!

LED Flashlight Pocket LED

More playful than its sisters, this lamp offers a lot of themes more original than the others on the screen of your device. In addition, it is possible to customize the color of LED flashes if your device is certified compatible with the program.After all, who has never dreamed of lighting the surroundings in pink?All follies are allowed!

Flashlight – Flashlight

Very close to LED Super-Brilliant Lamp, the application declares (as several others) have the strongest possible light. In addition to this statement, there are also various functionalities such as the flashing of the LED with a pre-recorded SOS pattern, in order to respect the LED’s turn-on and turn-off time even in the event of total terror.Well seen.

Flashlight MEGA Flashlight

At the level of the proposed functions, we find here a small manual Morse Code, better to be able to converse with this force hidden in the unspeakable night as well as several small gadgets that we let you discover.Incidentally, it is also possible to light up, history to find these damned fallen car keys no one knows where.

TeslaLED Flashlight

This app has most of the features already seen as the famous Morse code, it was even one of the first to incorporate this possibility.Always as recommendable, the app nevertheless shows the weight of the years (last update in 2011) and even if it fulfills the principal perfectly, Material Design fans might be afraid to discover it.To be reserved for adventurers!

Flashlight Tiny Flashlight

Like most of the softs of this selection, this one proposes a careful interface as well as some appreciable additions.Let us quote for example updates always maintained in order to support all the latest technologies in lighting by LED Flash.Joking aside, it even supports Android Wear , to be activated remotely.The class in Dallas, then!

Privacy Flashlight

This one, we evoked it in our previous news, it is a very simple application developed by the authors of the investigation on the abusive permissions of the Flashlight apps. It must be seen as a “proof-of-concept”, proof that it is possible to make it simple, light, efficient without asking for access to all the information contained on the device.


Finally, the applications mentioned require access to the camera and the microphone.This is nothing abnormal, because Google has combined these two functions under the same permission so impossible to remove the microphone in order to use the LED of your device.No espionage of your device is to be suspected here!
By reading this small selection, you should have found your happiness. And above all, whatever application of your dreams available on the Play Store, always ask yourself the question of why asking for so many permissions.In some cases, there is absolutely nothing justified.Think about it!