Top 5: Dark Lipstick: How to Use!

One of the great makeup trends for this season is the dark lipstick–according to Fabi Garcia, senior makeup artist, MAC is one of the hits even in summer. After all, today we no longer have as many “prejudices” about using black or dark clothes in summer and the same goes for the winter that, increasingly, is full of colorful looks, right?!
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You know that I am a big fan of dark lipstick- was a tom that I found myself, you know?! I’ve always liked Red and the like as the Diva of the MAC, but it was just show up this wave of dark lipstick for me to fall in love with various shades as these pictures! At first, I confess, I was surprised and felt great on others, but couldn’t use. Turns out you just spend a couple of times to see how you get powerful and makeup enhances more using a lipstick escurão following health-Beauty-guides.
Nowadays, I use since the wine tones to black same as in that last photo and video today I showed my TOP 5! Not to mention that I taught some tricks of how to pass the dark lipstick without smudging-worth betting on mouth pencil in the tone of the lipstick, have lots of patience, q-tips and a bit of concealer to get–and also that kind of makeup matches every tone! Gives the play!
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Photos/Video: Frisson
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