Toys: Dolls Do Too?

Our grandmothers Marist their dolls in porcelain. Through the imagination of a Spanish toy manufacturer, our children will soon be able to breastfeed their dolls. But how far can the toy imitate MOM? What is healthy for our end ‘ cabbages? Decryption…

As far as there was little girls, there dolls to amuse. And in all civilizations, like the precise Gisèle George, child psychiatrist: “She has long hair or she takes the form of a piece of wood, the doll is a must-have toy, because it has several roles necessary to the development of the child.”
The doll, a toy benchmark for our ladies
She is the confidante, on which we pour out his joys and his sorrows, she learns self-reliance and the pleasure of playing “alone (e)” and it can be vector of memories, stories passed down from the mother to the child by playing together: «you also, when you were little…» ».
‘ At the beginning of the century, said Gisèle George, dolls, very fine and sophisticated, also had a sociological function: thanks to them, we learned the girls to be as soon as possible future ‘good’ mothers. ‘
Love it or hate, Barbie came to put his two cents in there, making its happy owner of an exclusively nurturing and maternal role in place of “best friend”, who took her doll (or was it the other way around?) to a nightclub in his convertible car.
The doll that gives birth to the doll that head: toys lost their minds?
Then other models have emerged: dolls cry, laugh, wet, walk, talk, and recently… nurse or give birth!
After the Barbie that can discover the future child, here’s ‘The breast milk’ baby: little girls put on a special garment fitted with stickers at the level of the chest, where they stick the mouth of their doll, who gets to suck and to produce sounds of sucking like a remote control toy featured on Rctoysadvice.
Small advanced technology, but our girls really have to gain? Gisèle George is unequivocal: these dolls are a sociological setback: ‘ with emphasis on the role food and nurturer of the mother, we do believe girls this as their main role. ‘
And if this doll makes big noise, it is also because it echoes the debate perpetual (and burning) l’ breastfeeding or bottle. “Women now understand that breastfeeding is not a requirement, that they are free of their decision. With this doll that doesn’t interest than if she is ‘breastfed’, little girls, do not have the choice. »
Doll: Imitate MOM with a toy, Yes, but not too much!
Could “we did good dolls to bottle feeding, and that shocked nobody”, object. Yes, but doll that head uncomfortable as bad, if it touches on something else: the body of young girls, which is not taken for what it is, since it appeals to attributes that they did not. ‘ Push girls to put their doll with breasts, while they are not equipped physically, psychologically or physiologically for! ”
Then up to push the mimicry between you and your bird? If you see your daughter stick its Corolla to his breast, do not shout to the scandal. Ditto if you surprise her trying your underwear and your red lipstick. However useless to offer a whole string-bra for 7 years and her make-up for the occasion… The idea is eventually to imitate, but without her pushing there, to let her play to big not to mention it’s small, again, and it’s good like that.
Thanks to George George, author of “The self-confidence your child”, Editions Odile Jacob, 21 euros.