Trends |Tips for Choosing the Earrings

On your big day, no detail can be left out. That’s why the Quero de boda team has separated some tips for you to learn how to match your dress style and face shape with a very important item in your look: the earrings.
First details when choosing your wedding earring
Let’s start with the ceremony time? Yes, because in addition to guiding the type of buffet and decoration, the time at which the wedding happens influences directly on the bride’s look. If it is morning or early afternoon, the smaller earrings and less sparkles are more indicated. Already at weddings at night, you can dare more and then the larger earrings get points.
Ah, an important detail is the choice between silver or gold.The tip here is to follow the rest of the production.If you have any item in the silver tint on the sandal or bracelet, for example, your earrings should follow the silver.The same goes for the gold items.Combine is everything in this case.
Choose your earring according to your dress!
This is a tip to always keep an eye on.If you’ve opted for a model with lots of information, such as embroidery, lace and other details, choose more discreet and smaller earrings.On the other hand, if your outfit is more traditional, earrings can gain in weight and presence because they balance the final visual result.
Another tip: models that will fall ask for larger earrings, depending on the area you open between the neck and shoulders.Of course this will depend on the style of your production as a whole and also on how you have arranged your hair.And that’s what we’re going to talk about now.
Hair and earrings: how to combine and sweep!
For brides who invest in a more romantic hairstyle with a low-cut coke, our indication are small earrings.They match with more delicate brides, with thin strokes and tighter or shorter hair.
Meanwhile, the drop earrings are the most versatile.As they still do not call 100% of the attention to them, they combine with other accessories and also with various types of hairstyles.Here, it is worth the care with hairstyles that use the hair loosened and full of curls, for example, so that it does not mix with the presence of the earring.
The choice of the big earrings deserves a little more attention.They are suitable for brides who want to dare more.But for that, they are worth some tips.
This style of earring combines with the bride with more elongated face of medium or high height.The smaller ones tend to lower their silhouette with large earrings, okay?
Now, if you are going to wear loose hair and especially, care aside so the earring does not get hidden.To avoid this, choose a more flashy model and full of details so you attract attention to it too.
Good, now is to enjoy your big day and rock in the visual!