Trout Fishing With Small Bait Fish

Start with small trout Minnow is a secret weapon. No trout can withstand these baits. The perch, Roach and bream between 5 and 10 cm is a good bait fish. You can freeze just fine the bait fish are retained in the chest. The real small fish have an advantage to imitations, because they taste and smell the seductive.

Freeze bait fish
What kind of fish can you freeze best bait fishing? You freeze fish species that retain a firm texture after freezing and keep well to the hook. Roaches, redeyes, perches, Alande and Chub are well suited for it. The popular Ukeleis are not suitable for freezing, because they are too mushy and soft after defrosting. You can offer the bait fish from the freezer to the pose, theBasic Assembly or also the spinning systems.
Best places to fish for trout
According to Toppharmacyschools, enemas are good fishing spots that lead to lakes and rivers of oxygen and food for the fish. Since trout accumulate likes, especially during the summer months.
There are the deepest waterholes of the monks in trout ponds. These areas looking like trout to colder water below 10 degrees. A top place in the morning for fishing for trout.
Where there is natural Reed vegetation in trout Lakes, the trout are usually not far. In the spring, the plants are heated quickly and the heat is routed to the water. Also find the trout between the vegetation cover and natural food.
Angel mounting trout: at the end of the main line to put before a hook of size 6 to 8 are from five to 20 centimeters to two lead pellets, clamped depending on the water depth on the line. A larger weight is with faster flow required and the deeper the water is. Namely, capital trout lurking in the depth.
Trout fishing with bait fish you choose a light Spinning Rod (about three meters, casting weight from 5 to 20 grams). With a 0,18er string, you can still far enough throw light baits and specifically aim at the shelters of the trout. For the bait to play out his whole fishing power, it must be run as alive as possible. This can be achieved through exchange of escapes and breaks. The bait has always lift because the flow upwards stagger him behind the lead shot. Trout fishing with bait fish, should be made in the first five seconds of the attack because the hook up front sits in the mouth.