True Love Tester: Bra Loose …

The bra loose if the woman is in love – To be or not to be, let go and not let go, give up or give in to the advances of that guy that makes your heart beat … now the answer to a new bra, which loose yourself if it discovers that the woman is in love. Why sex without love from less pleasure. Or not?
It’s called True Love Tester, in Italian ‘verifier of true love’, and no, it is not a strange potion nor a lie detector specialist feelings, but a very special bra. Creator of this discovery of science and of what technique we can not do without is the Japanese brand Ravijour: it is a bra has especially sensors that have the job of monitoring the heart rate, so as to determine whether the girl is in love or not.
But there’s more, otherwise it could be enough even a fright or anxiety pre examination to trigger the mechanism, leaving the poor unfortunate in the grip of strong emotions and to top with her bra undone: the data recorded by the sensors are then transmitted it via Bluetooth to your smartphone; Here an algorithm determines whether it is true love or a crush passing.
In short, no more skids or head shots for those who endows this bra … are we really sure that buying it is a good idea?
Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the very funny video presentation released by the company to launch this new product … then we’ll decide whether it is appropriate to use it!