Turban Fashion Trend

The trendy accessory of fashion victims for Spring-Summer 2014 is the turban: chic and slightly retro, is the detail that defines the look of the modern divas.
The turban is an oriental headgear obtained by wrapping around the head of one or more long strips of fabric, from cotton to silk and by country of origin, the class features of this is of varying shape. A predominantly male representation accessory as indicated caste and city of origin.

Today the turban is an inevitable accessory in the wardrobe of fashionistas. Colored plain, with references to the 50’s style, embellished with chains and bows, you can wear with any leader from the coat to long floral dress. The turban has established himself as one of the coolest trends for spring-summer 2014, an accessory that few dare to wear, but the exceptional result because it can make unique and cool even the simplest of outfits. The turban does have the ability to give the wearer an appearance diva.
It was Kate Moss the first to wear it in 2009 and it is known that she anticipates all the trends, it is only in 2014 that this accessory is able to take off. The turban is attracting attention in some cases becoming the focus of the whole look. It can be worn in winter to keep warm, but also in summer for sun protection. The only condition is to know it properly settled in. Many choose to collect the hair completely in it, others prefer to leave loose hair.By Jackie Kennedy style with her ​​headscarf while on holiday in Capri to the turban effectAfrican Mama, the more original ideas have come on the catwalks with Stella Jean and chic proposals like those of Dolce & Gabbana, with colorful knotted scarf around the neck or the turbans oriental style of Marc Jacobs. as for lovers of the ideal hippie mood are the turbans of Blugirl, bands from floral fabric that is very well suited as the beach wear.
If you felt like wearing it and you are wondering how to do, it is very simple. First of all it is necessary that the hair is in a bun; at this point you need to obtain a large size scarf and after it is folded into a triangle is positioned on the head with the tip pointing down. Now you have to take the ends of the fabric and cross them in order to create a knot in front of the head. From here it only remains to roll the excess fabric around the node. If it seems too complicated on the market you can find ready-to wear turbans.