Turntable Transrotor Avorio

If the manufactory by Jochen Räke their smallest turntable is the Italian name for ivory, which of course arouses expectations. Involuntarily thinking this word of valuable piano keys and fine art.

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A work of art is the player, also from acrylic, aluminum and steel. To help him good sound Transrotor uses the drive from the Zet series known in the Avorio. Are identical with this: the bronze bushing, steel ball and stainless steel axle bearings, the double-synchronous engine and the massive platter made of aluminium with acrylic coating to suppress resonances. Only the acrylic chassis was slightly smaller on the new turntable.
The total package that has laced Transrotor for the Avorio, contains the produced by the Japanese manufacturer Jelco tonearm 800s and a moving iron cartridge, Goldring MM 2500. In addition, a weight of aluminum enclosed the Avorio records eccentricities can be reduced with the. It is left to the analog lover, whether he would like to purchase the drive solo — without cartridge and tonearm -. Then the price of 2225 on 1550 euro decreases.
In the catalogue of the Rhinelander, adventurous natures can discover quite a few upgrade opportunities. Three power supply units, equipped with potentiometers to the fine speed adjustment, as well as from more dangerous control electronics for greater smoothness, are the soundworn to choose from. He can also decide whether he wants to buy the customizable moving magnet or moving coil systems phono preamp to.
In laboratory and listening room, the engine of Avorio was supplied by the power supply called constant Studio. Driven by belts, the massive plate did his laps – for good sound with impeccable tracking completely left an important prerequisite. Similarly, the team from cartridge and tonearm must be harmoniously co-ordinated so that the natural resonance of the duo in the tolerance zone is located and the needle can exactly follow the movements of the Groove. Because crucially, what comes back out, AUDIO of the soft output voltage of the gold ring system handle Royal under the arms: the signals first migrated into the phono stage esoteric E-03 (test in one of the next issues), before they fortified about pre / power amplifier combination Accuphase C-2810 and Ayre V5 XE on the way to the speakers KEF reference 207/2 made.
The post was powerful with the gold ring customer. Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” (“Tracy Chapman”, Warner) was gas that you prefer would be increased to her in the car, to be with the fast-paced ride while so vehemently. The acceleration of the car was formally, if repeatedly drew the tempo of the piece between the quiet passages with the magnificent present acoustic guitar. As already in the Chapman title, succeeded in convincing the Avorio with Bruce Cockburns “If I had A rocket launcher” (‘stealing fire’ plans) in the bass and midrange pressure to build up. A good chain must strongly convey the anger with which Canadian depicts the attack by combat helicopters on a Nicaraguan village. In the high frequency range and complex musical passages but lacked the Avorio volume. Somewhat flat and tight the team here was the scene. Drum cymbals and sizzling acoustic sounded at times quite sharply.
To fully explore the potential of the trans rotor, the author of the arm so stocked with Benz Micro Ebony cartridge Assembly (AUDIO 9/04). The tonal excellently balanced and dynamic reference of Benz inspired the turntable can be heard. Who was up for the Goldring cartridge already very good bass and mid frequencies, clearly still the high frequency range was upgraded. The Ebony took him the slight sharpness, which had disturbed the 2500 just yet the sense of hearing in conjunction with the MM.
Won the idea clearly on transparency, the music breathed now free, floated easily across the hearing room. Marius Mueller-Westernhagens ‘Sexy’ (‘Alleluia’, Warner) came out naughty and sexy. The crisp guitar and Marius’ defiant voice made lust for more. How well the Transrotor dominates also the quiet sounds, was clearly, as a piano virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz in the Adagio from Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 (“Horowitz plays Mozart”, DG) gently caressing the keys of his Steinway. As soon as the master in the keys attack, showed that the Avorio can not only rock. He also knows how to free art from the microscopic edges of the Groove and play in their full beauty.
Transrotor Avorio + constant Studio + TR 800s + 2500 gold ring

Manufacturer Transrotor
Price €2740.00
Rating 100.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: B: 44.0 x H: T: 17.0 x 33.0 cm
Weight: 20.0 kg
Color White
Speeds 33 1 / 3, 45 rpm
Construction rigid construction
Height-adjustable feet
Speed conversion electronic
Tone arm height adjustment
Speed regulator electronic
Pitchregulierung during playback
Drive Round belts
Shut-off No
Measured values
Speed deviation 0.25%
Tracking rated 0,090
Measuring record 74 dB
Rumble noise coupler 83 dB
Power consumption standby 3.2 W
Print full, balanced sound, a treat for the ears and eyes.
With series pickup little happy tweeter
Sound outstanding (100 points)
Sound judgment well over 100
tested in issue: 9 / 09