Twin Pregnancy In Assisted Reproduction

Twin Pregnancy In Assisted Reproduction
Pregnancy With Twins, A Joy In Double Dose, But Requires Extra Careful.
pregnancy with twins
It is very common to Pregnancy with twins in assisted reproduction. Many peopleare crazy to have children and, on behalf of this dream, for they cannot naturally, try all forms give a “little help” to nature, running behind the more different kinds of fertility treatments. One of the most used methods and with higher chances of success is the assisted reproduction. But, although it is very effective and safe, the treatment has a high cost, not being accessible to all couples.
For those who have the good fortune to be able to afford a treatment of assistedproduction, it comes time: after a long wait, where the egg is fertilized. Imagine the joy it must be to the woman, to know that they have a life being generated withinit. By the way, and when the joy come in double dose? Not understand? People, inmany cases of pregnancy with the aid of assisted reproduction, pregnancy is common car; that is, twins!
Pregnancy with twins
The joy of having two lives being generated is doubled but the care that must be taken with mother and children?
According to the obstetrician Wladimir Taborda, the biggest concern on the partof doctors and pregnant women is the risk of premature births. About 80% of cases of premature births occur in pregnancy with twins.
Pre Christmas in pregnancy is essential
So it is essential that the expectant mother in pregnancy with twins go through a rigorous, with more prenatal examinations and consultations that in conventional pregnancy. Care must be greater still in cases of pregnant women with more than 35years, after all, the age heightens further the risks to mother and baby.
pregnancy with twins
Pregnancy with twins
In addition to premature birth, other exposures in pregnancy with twins that need to be avoided is the emergence of hypertension, hemorrhages and pré-eclâmpsias, that’s because the chances of pregnant women develop such problems are alsolarger than in the other pregnancies.
Although it is an even bigger thrill, couples need to have healthcare that science will need to take during the whole pregnancy with twins. In fact, physicians should warn patients who will undergo assisted reproduction treatments at higher risk of going on a “double dose”.
When babies are born, it is normal for most go to the NICU. This is a natural procedure due to the weight of the babies, usually are born weighing less than 2 pounds. Another reason for this procedure is that it’s easier than the little ones have respiratory complications need a special service. So dads, keep in mind that it’s good to find a motherhood well structure and equipped so that everything runs smoothly in your so expected postpartum twins!
Aware of all precautions to take during pregnancy, enjoy this gift that is to have two babies at once! See more on
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