Two Dresses That Should Not Miss on Your Closet This Spring

What I like about this time of year ultimately are dresses, since when I am in search of street style I see what does look a different and very pretty girl in the City provided no doubt is to wear a dress. This spring-summer will find this garment in different colors, cuts and styles, but there are two types of basic dresses that can not miss in your closet if you are looking for is a feminine, fresh style and trend. Then I tell you how to combine them and what shoes are ideal for each of them.

Dress shirt:

This type of dresses are as is simulating a shirt because they will open at the front and are usually from a loose and light fabric or denim. For this type of dress she is best opt for comfortable shoes, flat Sandals I recommend since with this garment can be a Bohemian look and relaxed, but at the same time very cool.

Romantic dress:

So it is as define I with lace in light tones and pastel or flowered dresses as described in woman clothing, we can find them with sleeves or without sleeves, short and long, I am sure that you know what kind of dresses I mean, and if not, anyway add an image so you can identify it. All must certainly have a dress so in our closet, for that first date or meal at home of the mother-in-law, because it makes us to see beautiful, feminine and well covers. For this look it is use a few flats or formal sneakers in white tone or nude with medium heel, since you are looking for is to give greater weight to the garment and not to overload the style as is characterized by classic and elegant.