Types of Lingerie that Every Woman Should Have

To work, to seduce, to tear. For each occasion there are different types of lingerie. Check out some options that have everything to do with the day to day of modern women and full of attitude.

To Sweep

Satin Robe

To put on after the shower, to impress someone, to dress and feel wonderful. It does not take a good reason to wear a nice satin robe. Check out options:

Income Bra

Rents have that power of bringing elegance and sensuality in the blink of an eye. Lace bra is one of those must have items.

Garter Belt

Bold, powerful, incredible. This is how you feel when wearing a garter belt. Bet on this accessory to impress-or, of course, to hold your socks whenever you need them.

For Day To Day

Cheap Lingerie

Quality, beautiful and comfortable underwear does not have to cost much, did you? Tell us through BIOTIONARY. For everyday use, it is worth wearing panties and bras that are basic and fit in your pocket. Check out a selection of cheap lingerie top below:

Seamless Panties

Comfort, freedom of movement. Seamless panties are great for use at work and at relaxing times. You will feel great!

Strappy Bra Bra

Modern, strappy bra bras are a super-investment for those who love the trend of bras on display. Already have one to call your own?

To Buy Without Leaving Home

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