Underwear Abc Kid Lingerie Guide

Recently the Victoria Secret angels in their seductive creations on the catwalk just sparkled. It takes a horde of supermodels and no sparkling diamond panties to make a sexy appearance. There are all important in the underwear-ABC around the “This”:
A As “All Beginnings Are Difficult”
For years, many women buy the wrong bras. This is for sufficient support and genuine comfort level creating a duty. Professional advice in the store helps to find the right size.
B Such As Boxer Shorts
The man swears on it – Boxer shorts. More and more women access now to the masculine underwear. You are maybe not sexy, but for this wonderfully comfortable, especially for sleeping.
C Like Corsets
Corsets are real seduction artist. You sit tight and not lace, in contrast to the corset. The mini lingerie with garters are often worn. Just under dresses, corsets also forms a beautiful figure.
D As Pressure Points
Pressure points are the first signs that a bra is not properly seated. Sometimes can not avoid the unsightly red stains. Who is particularly sensitive, can rely on seamless underwear.
E As In One Piece
Bodysuits and co. had a big scene in the 1980s. No matter whether as erotic lingerie or blouses one piece – really handy these are rare. Men have often so their problems with the disrobing of one piece.
F Like Shapewear
Who does not know that: the dress is tight and a few pads of less would be just right to make the outfit perfectly. Body-dominated fashion taking woman likes little helpers and tricking with Figure shapers , two kilos of the hips.
G As G-String
The Brazilians swear by the tiny gstring, which covered only the bare essentials. The small panties is ideal under close-fitting clothes, because so nothing looming.
H As Wedding Clothes
White lingerie with a maximum at top promises innocent seduction on the wedding night. Never forget the blue garter belt. This special accessory brings luck!
I Like Intimate
Underwear is a sensitive issue. German women spend always comparatively little money on lingerie. Differently, the Frenchwomen! Beautiful lingerie is simply to their lifestyle.
J Like New Year
It says every year around new year’s Eve in Italian lingerie shops: red alert! The tradition says that red underwear brings good luck on new year’s Eve dinner for next year!
K Like Corset
For decades, women’s rights activists fought against the common mode to get rid of the corset. The stiff bodice is needed today especially in the fetish and costume scene. From everyday life, it has goodbye but long.
L Like Long Underpants
Go skiing in the winter, they are a must: long underpants warm when it is cold outside and uncomfortable. When purchasing, you should put emphasis always on breathable materials for hygienic reasons.
M Like Minimizer
A Minimizer bra is a special bra for women with large breasts. He gives special support and shrinks the chest also visually.
N Like Negligée
A very delicate Negligée is a sexy alternative to the washed-out Pajamas especially in summer. The French term means as much as “sloppy dress”.
O As Above Without
Seamless Tan or not, who like basking in the holiday without upper part, should the local practices observed. Topless Sun is indeed prohibited in many countries.
P Like Push-Up
Who wants a fuller cleavage, can access to the push up Bra and so, depending on the thickness of the padding, one or two cup sizes to cheat. Special gel pads which look much more natural for same effect are new on the market.
Q Quality
In underwear, the right quality makes a big difference. Cheaply produced laundry can trigger allergies. Therefore applies: wash before first wearing. Thus reducing the allergic potential.
R As Sexy Underwear
The name is program. Sexy underwear is underwear that less has a practical as more a seductive function. So, baggy briefs do not fall into this category.
S Such As Tip
If trend underwear is to be not only functional, but also beautiful and seductive, then tip may not be missing. The filigree embellishments make particularly attractive and feminine look both bras and panties.
T As Carrier
How best should choose the carrier of a Bras, depends entirely on the upper part I.Because one thing is: the less conspicuous, the better. A strapless top for example demands strapless Bras, like here. But also refined cross variants can be inconspicuously hide under a halter or tank top with the matching model.
U Like Slips
Slips were long considered something old-fashioned. Meanwhile, they have freed himself from her Grandma charm and be worn often even visible. The lingerie trend makes it possible.
V For Victoria’s Secret
The Victoria’s secret angels in their stunning lingerie designs on the catwalk hover always at Christmas. The highlight of each show is the “million-dollar Bra”. He was held this year from Candice Swanepoel and was worth around $10 million.
W Such As Washing Instructions
So that you have long enjoyment of beautiful lingerie, you should be careful on the washing instructions. Delicate fabrics such as silk require special care and should not end up so better with jeans and a sweater in the washing machine.
Xy As Xy-Chromosome
Men love seductive lingerie. But don’t panic! A dream man searches the wide not just because “This” times are wrong. Take it with humor, then he certainly does.
And finally Z as time for yourself. Not only to the men think the underwear trends.Buttoned or permissive? You decide what you feel comfortable. Underwear namely also then gives self-confidence, if nobody sees them.
Teresa Harbeck is a fashion journalist and works at STYLIGHT. Teresa is a real fan of lingerie! You will find that German women are likely to be quiet a bit bolder. Finally, there are no excuses for ungulate. Who can afford no French lace is great underwear in many fashion chains.
Attach much importance to attractive underwear? What is your underwear trend?