Unusual but Effective Fishing Baits

Natural baits are extremely effective for fishing. Most fishermen focus on the most popular baits for placing on hooks and throwing them into the water and often unaware that there are OTHERS less “POPULAR” but equally effective if we are looking for specific species.
For you, who are starting now on these fishing issues, I think it is vital to know these other less common baits so that you begin to practice with them and see the results that you can get. Here are some that have given me INCREDIBLE results in achieving good catches.
It has not happened to you that many times you have arrived at some fishing area with the supposed “popular baits” and you have not achieved any capture?, surely yes, because that would be the ideal moment to put into practice your cunning and innovation and put In your hook some other natural bait that could be seen with good eyes by the predators of the zone. LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY that this content is important and you can be above the average of those who begin in the art of fishing, if you apply it as I tell you. Here are some of the baits of the so-called “less popular” that I use the most:
1- Small crabs or Jaibas: For species such as PALOMETHES, this type of fishing bait is truly effective. You must try to place the LIVE Crab in your hook, this will allow you to walk the bottom, and this in turn, is what attracts the predators more; The crab when being anzuelado can not run to hide and this is taken advantage of by the fish that attacks. The most important thing with this bait is that you must hoist it by one of the crab legs, if you do this, it will not die and your catch probabilities will multiply.
2- Sea cockroaches: What is this? I explain… have you noticed on the rocks or the so-called “dog teeth” that are near the banks, some shells that have a shell very similar to a cockroach? because if you remove these shells from the rocks, you will notice That have a slug in its interior, because with that slug is the one that you are going to place in your hook for bait. ARE VERY EFFECTIVE!, especially if you use it in the night time and developing the fishing in depth. I recommend that to remove them from the rocks use a knife with a good tip as they are quite complicated to take off.

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3- Destollos de MORENA: Another very effective bait without doubt, if you have not tried it, you must do it as soon as possible. The brunette has a WHITE and HARD meat, very convenient for the good fish to attack. Snappers are fanatical about this specific bait.
4- CRUDE BREAD: Very good option also for fishing SLIPS with the cork technique. You must take this raw mass, make a ball that is STICKY and place it in your hook; You must be well aware of the cork because in this case if with one or 2 bites they eat the whole bait.
5- Worms or Worm of tube: Well this bait is a DELEITE for the good mojarras that prowl the beaches. These earthworms have many small legs, the morphology of these CALANDRACAS reflects an incredible resemblance to the CIEN-FEET, and they are refugees in a kind of tubes that they manufacture for their protection. It is a little hard to get several of these on the shores, because they are inside the vegetation and rocks at low depths of the beaches and you must be several hours looking for them to obtain the prize of a few of this species; But after you manage to capture them the effort was not in vain, because I assure you, that almost will be for each lance you get a chopped, and according to your cunning a mojarra of 1lb. Another positive peculiarity with this bait is that you can keep it for future fisheries if you HAVE it and freeze it in your fridge.
I imagine that with these bait TIPS you should be rubbing your hands to start implementing these ideas, CERTAIN? sure you do, you start to take advantage of this information from right now, teach your fishing friends what you have Learned and show results when you catch good catch. Thank you for visiting the web.