Utinam Besancon Horlogerie

UTINAM Besançon is the revival of Franche-Comté watchmaking with contemporary clocks with breathtaking design. Objectif Horlogerie allows you to fully assemble these magnificent clocks made in France and designed by Philippe Lebru.

Mounting your clock with purpose horlogerie

Two types of mounts available to you, delivery to your home and installed by a certified watchmaker UTINAM or full installation by you using a particular course in watchmaking in our premises at 48 rue de Rivoli to Paris.
You will assemble the model of your choice completely, then set your future UTINAM pendulum which will be engraved in your name, first name and date of assembly. A unique piece to transmit to future generations …

Utinam Besancon Horlogerie

The Different Clocks

Discover below the range of design clocks from UTINAM.

Clock Pop-Up

The pop-up pendulum is UTINAM’s latest design mechanical clock.You can find it in two versions, with the pop-up skeleton parquet clock or the wall clock.
More information about the modern clock Pop-up:

  • Mechanical clock with visible anchor escapement
  • Available in wall or parquet
  • Available in several colors: red, orange, green, yellow, blue, etc.
  • Wall clock size: 1.30 m high and 0.50 m wide
  • Size of the floor clock: 1.90 m high and 0.50 m wide
  • Two possible choices for the balance: round or square
  • 10-day power reserve
  • Rate from 3950 euros

Clock La-La

LA-LA, it is a comtoise clock widely revisited and modernized with its design of the XXI century. UTINAM proposes this pendulum in several versions: large LA-LA, small LA-LA and LA-LA wall version.
More information on the contemporary clock LA-LA:

  • Mechanical clock with anchor escapement
  • Available in three versions
  • Available in brushed stainless steel mirror polished
  • Size LA-LA Mural: 1,30 m high
  • Size LA-LA Large: 2.15 m high
  • Size LA-LA Small: 1.72 m high
  • 10-day power reserve
  • Rate from 3300 euros

Clock Hortense / Constence

From the top of its two meters, the elegance and the haughty port of this great lady recalls that she is the first figure of the UTINAM Besançon clocks. The collection is now enriched with an acrylic glass version, the object of a craft process related to the molding of a sculpture. Presence and transparency assured or how to affirm the subtlety of time in everyday life …
More information on the Hortense / Constence clock:

  • Mechanical clock with visible anchor escapement
  • Available in three versions
  • Available in stainless steel, red varnish and glass
  • Size Hortense wall: 1.30 m height
  • Size Hortense of parquet: 2,20 m high
  • Size Containing parquet: 1.90 m high
  • 10-day power reserve
  • Rate from 3300 euros

Contemporary Watchmaking

The UTINAM clocks are original creations that reinvent traditional watchmaking with shapes and a particular design. You can find most of the creations of this brand in wall or parquet.
These modern clocks also have the particularity of having a very innovative mechanism.
Indeed, Philip received Lebru Several Awards Including the “Grand Concours Lépine Award” in Paris and Gold Medallist in the watch of the invention Geneva Motor Show for ict pendulum movement with automatic balancing.
This system equips mechanical clocks in UTIMAN offers impressive precision and a large power reserve (between 8 and 10 days). The Pop-Up version has a novelty in the mechanism with a new barrel.