Valentine's Day: Gift Bracelet-Engraved

Give a bracelet engraved Valentine’s day! For all those who are still looking for a suitable gift for Valentine’s day, we present the exclusive twelve thirteen Love Collection in this blog post. The 14th of February is a very special day with magical effect for many people. Not only for honeymoon and couples who long to take a common approach, but for all people to someone a very special connection cherish that. Valentine’s day one expresses this deep affection often, by one presented his partner a gift, that the love and commitment to each other as perfectly expresses. Twelve Thirteen Jewelry is the jewellery label of connectedness and presents the limited and only for a short time available Valentines Edition to this lovely occasion!

Personalize Bracelet-Engraved

These innovations find just in time for Valentine’s day in our store – personalize your bracelet with engraved and let your Valentine’s Day Sweetheart know how much he or she means to you! Here you can find more gifts for women!
Bracelet string honeymoon: In complex identities hand work comes the pink string honeymoon macrame bracelet. Filled with a high quality CZ diamond in silver/white size used by a small heart in scene. For anyone with a heart of gold, this string bracelet could be just the right gift for Valentine’s day. The Golden cord wraps the ball studded with CZ diamonds. Here is highlight a sparkling heart to the day of love.
Bracelet Angelpie: A very expressive bracelet in a predominantly Golden look featured on Answerresume. The Armand consists of a combination of jade gemstones (white), two twelve thirteen logo balls and a centered CZ diamond in the limited variation of the heart.
Bracelet treasure: A real treasure deserves a treasure. This emblematic and external-linked bracelet, white jade combines two exclusive CD-diamonds, have been incorporated into the complex heart gems. As another catcher, this bracelet has to offer a gold twelve thirteen logo square element.
A dream in pink, gray and rose gold: The pink temptation bracelet combines gray and pink gems balls and two rose gold PVD logo balls occupied with all three CD-diamond. “Look me on the wrist, kid!” A rhodium-plated logo plate and a black cord combines finest half precious stones with cubic zirconia occupied balls to a beautiful piece of jewelry.
Comes in white and innocent that white beauty bracelet therefore. The White Ribbon with a red heart is suitable for all who are simply like it, but still are looking for the special, and also find with this great piece of jewelry. How beautiful can love be? In the course of the twelve thirteen Valentinies Edition was also the love collection and the combination of the two bracelets “black & white beauty” extends. Order now and save 20% .

Jewelry Valentine’s Day Create Online

Want a twelve thirteen bracelet with engraving on the heart which was set for those who want to be your own creative and give the personal touch to your jewelry. Here you can assemble freely and individually their jewelry.