Vintage Garden Party You Sign Up?

September has arrived and with it the return to work, classes, schedules… In short, the routine.
The holidays have been wonderful, but every good thing comes to an end. However why not bid farewell to the summer as it deserves?
One last night to enjoy the company of friends and family before it reaches the cold. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: the garden party!
But not just any party. An elegant, sophisticated, romantic holiday, a vintage party as described in topschoolsoflaw.

Fiesta Vintage

No matter if your garden is large or small, if you have a patio or terrace, in the article today we are going to teach you to make you the most so you think a magical atmosphere that will leave your guests with their mouths open.
And it is that decoration vintage does not have to be expensive or difficult, it is simply care for many details, putting all the attention and care possible at each of the corners you want to decorate and especially to give free rein to your originality and imagination.


Before you jump to buy anything, take a time to think.
Get out and provides the space that you have for your holiday vintage. If you have columns, walls, trees… now that the elements of the environment largely determine the decorative accessories that you can use.
You should also consider if the lunch or dinner will be buffet-style or you sentarás to your guests at the table, since it will also condition the space that you have.
We recommend the buffet since it creates a more informal atmosphere conducive to relaxed talk and it is easier to prepare.
Think where you are going to place the tables, drinks and mentally organizes the space.
Done we went to the details.


Without a doubt, vintage lighting is one of the most important decoration, since it will be responsible for creating a warm and romantic atmosphere that will give your party personality.
There are many options for lighting vintage that you can combine according to your tastes and possibilities. Light bulbs and candles are indispensable.
If you can get a string of lights, they are not hard to get and you can even make it your mism @, just need a long cable, a good collection of light bulbs and some basic knowledge of electricity.
You can hang them from a tree to another, placing them along the wall or on the porch or gazebo.
Candles provide a warm and cozy light. You can present them in different versions: in glass jars, in candle holders, inside cages, vessels or lanterns and distribute them for all the party. They will create a unique atmosphere.
The typical White Christmas lights can also help you to highlight parts of the decoration. You can roll them onto the tree trunks, entangle them in the legs of tables, in pots or on windows. You can also use led lights whenever they are warm light.


Flowers, vintage fiesta can not miss even more so if it is a holiday in the open air.
Like the lighting options are many. You can place them on bottles of glass, old jars or dairy, fruit boxes or wooden boxes, and even the drawers of the tables can be turned into lovely planters.
You can combine with natural and artificial flowers dried flowers, anything goes for a flowery touch to yourdecoration vintage.


Comes the time to decorate the tables. For the center of table can use decorated glass canisters, candles, cages and flowers, combining the elements as you like.
If the table is buffet don’t adorn it with some banners, whether they are paper or fabric, and include antique objects as typewriters, old suitcases, or drawers that can help you both to present the food as support for flowers, posters, or other decorative items.
Small whiteboards can also give much play when it comes to decorating the tables and buffet. You can write down the name of each dish, the list of drinks or a phrase or Word special that you like.


Although sometimes it goes unnoticed the menu is also important in a vintage party. The salads have a special role in this type of party. You can prepare various kinds salads or prepare different sauces and ingredients to serve each one is what you want.
The quiches are a dish very well suited for this type of party. Are you sofisticas, easy to prepare and can be hot or cold, and they are also quite strong.
The desserts at a party vintage are almost more important than the food itself. You can prepare a just dessert buffet where include different pies, muffins, cakes and of course, junk food.
In addition to being delicious it will be phenomenal in your decoration vintage.


Finally, to liven up the party you can mount a Photobooth, with vintage accessories such as glasses, wigs, mustaches, hats… So that your guests can make the most fun summer photos and have a reminder of the party.
Already or have everything prepared for your vintage feast in the garden?
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We will be glad to help you with your preparations!