Vintage Paradise Berlin: Our Top 10 Addresses

Who is totally in love with how we in Vintage clothing and on top of that in Berlin is alive (or time to visit in the city), the spoilt for choice when shopping go. Berlin: resembles an paradise for vintage fans, where guaranteed everyone comes. Of course we feel Spürnäschen us therefore so probably also in the German capital and call our new home likes “Vintage paradise”. At dress circle we clean out our closets still strong, but because we can at the same time not be shopping and us frolicking almost every weekend at the flea markets of this city, the shelves at us look nevertheless simply not empty. Since we already, the one or the other time was wondering where we buy our Klamottis and whether we have any tips on Berlin, I figured it’s time for an article on our favorite points of contact and addresses for vintage and second hand clothing in Berlin. In the following top 10 were recorded only shops and flea markets, where we regularly visit and where we have already found many great and unique pieces of clothing at good prices. Second are not in the list itself, however, hand stores like colours in Kreuzberg, the garage in the Schöneberg district, the famous made in Berlin in mid- or even the second hand chain Oxfam with several shops in Berlin. The reason is that these stores so or so already in almost every top circulating on the Internet 10 emerging and I find a more mention here superfluous. So here has the vintage selection:

  1. Humana
    Frankfurter Tor 3
    10243 Berlin

Alexandre Street 7
10178 Berlin
+ more locations

  1. flea market Leopold Square
    Leopold Square
    13353 Berlin

Every Saturday from 9 h-15 h

  1. RAW flea market
    Revaler Straße 99
    10245 Berlin

Every Sunday from 9 – approx. 18: 00

  1. Miki Banana
    Fountain Street 64
    13355 Berlin
  2. Nowkoelln Flowmarkt
    Maybachufer 31
    12047 Berlin

Every second Sunday
6 FRACKdulac
Cameroon road 43
13351 Berlin
Friday and Saturday, 13-19: 00
7 blank vintage
Warschauer Straße 29
10243 Berlin
Mon to sat 12:30 19: 00
8 antique market at the East station
Erich-Sani-Straße 1
10243 Berlin
Every Sunday and 2 x annual giant flea market (1st of May and October 3)
9 American Apparel California Select
Bayreuther Straße 35
10789 Berlin
10 flea market at Mauerpark
Gleimstraße 55
10437 Berlin
As a tourist, who comes to Berlin, which was however said: it belongs to whatever good luck to find a favorite part. In the second hand is dealing mostly with the “needle in a haystack”. Fare us too often so we even go home empty-handed. Nevertheless, we look again at these addresses and check the range. Time and patience to bring, belongs to the second hand to shopping, which bring tourists usually just unfortunately not quite so much like the local Berlin. Oh, and that reminds me yet: who of high-quality vintage furniture has interest and second hand preferred shops, the designer clothing sale, which should maybe look at Vintage Galore, the flotsam and Jetsam and garments . I wasn’t there but even still, will check it out but soon sure times!